You just came home from work.

Walk north on the right into the bedroom and use the computer to read the news that your favorite director will be appearing at the opening night in the cinema. You need to go there.  The directions are printed on the printer. Take the PAPER from the printer and open the nightstand on the left. There’s a TOOLBAG inside and a bottle of LAXATIVES. In your inventory use the toolbag to take the TAPE, the PLIERS and the SCREWDRIVER out.

On the left of the back wall is your closet. Open the door and take the COAT HANGER out. Walk south to leave the bedroom. Use the front door on the left to leave the house and in the hallway walk to the right to leave the apartment and reach the parking lot. Use the door of the car to realize you don’t have your keys. Look at the window of the car to see the keys inside.

Use the pliers with the coat hanger to bend it and then use the coat hanger with the window of the car to unlock it. Use the car to get in and take your KEYS.  When you want to start, the battery is dead. You’ll get out of the car. Open the hood of the car and get the BATTERY out. Walk to the right to walk into the building again and use the door on the left to visit your neighbor Billy.


Talk to Billy and he’ll tell you about his project.  After the conversation, put the laxative in the cup behind him and talk to him again. Ask him what he’s working on and ask him to explain how it works. After the demonstration, he’ll drink his coffee and runs for the bathroom. With him out of the way, put your battery in his machine and take his one to swap it. Use the door on the right to leave and walk to the right to return to your car.

Put the battery under the hood in the battery section and close the hood. Get in the car and drive to the theater. Use the car keys on the trunk of the car to open it and take the MAGLITE and the CROWBAR from it. Close the trunk again and walk to the left. In front of the cinema is a guard who won’t let you in unless you’ve got a ticket. Walk further to the left and find a bum blocking the alley.

Talk to the bum to learn he need more energy from his friend JD. Leave the man and walk to the left twice to reach the liquor store. Enter the shop and use the left freezer door in the back. Take a bottle of JACK DANIELS and a SMIRNOV ICE out. Give one of the bottles to the shopkeeper to pay for them. When he asks for your ID give him your wallet and then leave the shop. Outside you’ll find a ball of CAT HAIR. Pick them up with the pliers.

Walk to the right twice and give the Jack Daniels to the bum. He’ll leave now. Walk into the alley and take the bum’s CLOTHES from the floor. Use the door to enter the kitchen of the restaurant. Drop the cat hair in the soup and leave the kitchen. Soup is served. With the chef gone, you can enter the kitchen again. Take the jar of LARD from the shelf on the right. Leave the kitchen. Put the lard on the dumpster and push the dumpster to move it.

Climb the dumpster and the ladder and you’re on the roof . But you need to get to the other side. In your inventory use the clothes of the bum to make a ROPE. Use the crowbar with the rope to make a GRAPPLE HOOK. Throw the grapple hook to the ledge of the other building and climb the rope to go to the other side.

Use the screwdriver with the panel next to the door to take the cover off and look inside at the circuit. You need to find a bypass. On the top side of the relay are three wires. Cut the one in the middle with your pliers. On the bottom side are two wires. Cut the one on the right. Connect both cut wires and add the tape from your inventory to isolate them. Leave the circuit and see that the door has opened.

Walk through the door and down the stairs. Downstairs you’ll see that there’s a guard. Hit the guard with the maglite and walk north down the stairs and into the theater. There’s quite a crowd. Enter the men’s room on the right and meet your idol. When he’s offering an autograph, give him the paper with directions. What a day….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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