You got the wrong plane and ended up in the wrong place.

Part 1: Singing in the rainforest.

Talk to the suspicious man on the left. He’s waiting for Harris. Show him your plane ticket and you can enter the shed. Talk to the big head about everything and learn your quest: get the blossom of the mulberry bush before the baron does. Take the can of PAINT from the ground and leave the shed.

Talk to the man on the right. You can’t go through without a passport. Look at the big box on the runway. Use the blue paint on the box and then use the box and you’ll fall in. It’s being transported to the other side of the customs. Walk to the right to enter Llamaland.


Talk to the happy lady in the booth and receive a souvenir CUP. Go over to the fountain and use the cup with the fountain to fill her with WATER.  Walk straight ahead to Ye Olde Llama Shoppe and use the door to open it. Walk inside and use the door again to close it. Talk to the shopkeeper about everything in the shop and ask him to demonstrate the Llamatic.

The shopkeeper pulls the lever once and gets in the chair. It won’t be long before he gets up again. On the counter is a can of shaving cream. Try to take it and you’ll be stopped. So the shopkeeper must be distracted by something. Use the lever of the Llamatic several times (about 8 times) and then ask the shopkeeper to demonstrate the Llamatic again. This time the demonstration will take longer and you should have time enough to take the SHAVING CREAM from the counter. On the other side of the counter you can find some PAPER BAGS. Take one.

Use the cup with water on the llama under the window and hair will grow on. But you can’t get it off. Use the door to open it and walk outside.

Walk to the north and enter the Botanical Garden. Look at the venus fly trap. Read the sign next to it. On the other side are SHEARS on the ground. Pick them up. Walk to the right, use the doors of the Cafe Urban and walk in. Close the doors again and talk to the man behind the agenda. Learn about the vases and the tables available. The tables in the back room are only for paying customers and personel.

Talk to the man sitting at the table and learn about his fear. So … if we can make some noise… Use the paper bag from your inventory and talk to it to fill it with air. Use the filled paper bag on Dwayne and he’ll be scared stiff.

The man behind the agenda will go and take a look so you can take the HAMMER and use the hammer on the blue vase next to it. The manager will take you to the kitchen. Take the green bottle of SHERRY from the counter and take the box with SOY. On the far right is an AXE. Pick it up.

Use the back door to leave and an alarm will go off. After the manager warned you, use the axe on the red wire and it will be silent. Use the back door again and this time you can leave.

Walk to the left and north around the building. Look at and read the llama sign. So you need a llama to travel with you. Walk to the left again, exit the botanical gardens and walk to the north and enter the Ye Olde Shoppe again. Use the shears on the fur of the llama to take the FUR. Leave the shop again and walk into the red and white tent: the Llamarama.

Look around and read the labels near each animal. The one on the lower right is a sarcophagus. Use it and it opens. Use the soy from your inventory and use it on the sarcophagus to fill it. Use the sarchophagus again to take the SOY LLAMA out. On the right are two stereo’s. Read the labels. One says llama’s mating call, the other says Muzak. Walk to the noticeboard to the left of the stereo and read the sign. To hear the mating call, push the button.

Use the two cables at the crossing to switch them. Push the button again and you’ll hear Muzak instead of the mating call. Walk to the left to leave the tent and talk to the lady standing next to the llama and learn all about Larry the lama, rabies and what she would do if Larry had rabies: she’d leave him.  So in order to fake that larry has rabies, use the sherry on the llama to turn the eyes red. Use the shaving cream on the lama to fake the foam and use the button to the right of the lady and the llama gets agressive.

Hortence will leave and you have a new pet.Walk to the north and enter the botanical garden again. Walk further to the right and notice that the venus-fly-trap will attack the llama. The llama stays and you can walk past Cafe Urban, to the north and through the emergency entrance into the kitchen. Use the doors on the left to go out and use the doors to the toilets. Walk inside and talk to the man. Learn about the spritzing.

In your inventory use the fur with the soy lama. Use the furred soy llama with Grady and ask him to spritz it. If he asks which scent, choose the eau-de-llama. You now have an authentic furred, llama smelling soy llama.

Leave the toilets and use the doors to the kitchen again. Use the door on the right to sneak out again and walk to the left and north to go round the building. Walk to the left to return to the venus-fly-trap. Use the soy llama on the venus-fly-trap and it won’t eat for another week. Walk to the right and the llama will follow now. Walk to the right and cross the row of stones to climb on the back of the llama and ride to the other side of the path.

Talk to Herbert behind the desk and learn about the Mulberry and the trading of the books to get the second edition with vital information. Look at the Mulberry bush and notice it’s sealed shut. Try to open the bush but that won’t work. Walk to the right and use the door of the Adventurers Lodge. Walk inside and go to the right to the fireplace.

Look at the book on the mantlepiece. It’s the zeroth edition of Herbert’s book. Take the BOOK and walk to the table. There’s another book. Look at it to find it’s the first edition. Use your zeroth copy on the first edition to swap it.

Walk through the door on the left behind the ninja to reach the helicopter platform. Talk to the pilot in the helicopter and you’ll get his GAS PASS. Take the GAS CAN next to the pump. Use the gas card on the pump and notice there’s a seal missing. Walk inside the building again. Leave the lodge and walk back to Herbert.

Give the first edition of the book to him and you get a second edition back. Look at the book and read how to fertilize a mulberry bush. You can also see that the autograph is like a seal. Give the gas card to Herbert and he’ll ‘seal’ it.

Walk to the right and enter the lodge again. On the floor is a hatch. Open it and go down the stairs. On the wall is a MAGNET. Take it and go upstairs again. Talk to the Ninja and learn all about ninja stars. Ask for a demonstration and pick any target. Use the magnet on the horn of the rhino and talk to the ninja again. Ask again for a demonstration and choose the cheese as a target. The magnet will make sure the cheese isn’t hit.

Take the HORN and the MAGNET from the floor. Now that you know what they’re made of, use the magnet on the ninja to obtain a NINJA STAR.

Walk down the stairs again and look at the pipes and the green vine around the pipe. Since it’s too tough to take it off by hand, use the shears to cut it off. Look at the funnel to find the blockage. Use the blue paint on the funnel and then use the ninja star on the blue paint. Look at the funnel again to find the blockage gone.

Use the valve next to the funnel to let the water flowing again. Walk up the stairs and leave the room. Use the door on right to open it and leave the building. Talk to the people in front of the fountain. Take the bottle of hot SAUCE and walk inside again. Use the door on the left behind the ninja to go to the helicopter platform.

Use the signed gass pass on the pump and use the gass can on the pump to fill it. Walk down the stairs and leave the lodge on the left. Return to the mulberry bush and use the rhino horn on the mulberry bush. Use the gas can on the mulberry bush and finally use the bottle with hot sauce on the mulberry bush. Now all you need to do is add loads of water.

Go inside the lodge again and talk to the Baron on the right. Talk about his plans and his coffee. Use your llama cup on the pergulator and in your inventory add the shaving cream to the coffee. Use the bottle of hot sauce on the coffee too and use the cup with the cup standing next to the Baron to switch them.

Talk to the Baron again and talk about his coffee. He’ll drink it and walk to the water fountain on the left to extinguish the fire. He’ll also water the mulberry bush.

Use the door behind the ninja to follow the Baron to the helicopter.

Part 2: Gentlemen prefer Lederhosen

In pursuit of the Baron try opening the gate. It won’t budge. Look at the posters left and right of the gate. Walk the path back to the buildings in the north.

On the left, next to the avalanche sign are two doors. Use the door closest to the sign and enter Frieda’s Yeti Survival Outpost. Talk to her about everything and ask her to test the alarm. Only if there’s a yeti nearby. So we have to fake a yeti. Frieda told us what it looks like: standard yeti, very high and pronounced teeth. Take the free sample of PHEROMONE with you.

Open the door and leave the shop. Walk to the right past the Chalet Cardiovasculare to the Lederhoedown. Walk into the stall and talk to Franz. First prize is a yeti skin coat but then you have to win three challenges first. Ask all about the challenges and what you have to do for it.

Leave the stall and walk to the right. Look at the cuckoo clock and talk to the man on the stilts in front. He’s not the happiest. Ask why he’s so grumpy and if you can try his stilts. Go to the left and use the doors of the Chalet Cardiovasculare. Talk to the receptionist until you can ask for the stilt’s mans package.

Look at the PACKAGE in your inventory and find the course in yodeling in Norwegian. Leave the chalet and walk to the right, back to the stilts man. Give him the book but he doesn’t want it because it’s not the language he ordered. To the right of the building is a snowdrift. When you look at it you see there’s something inside. Use the hot sauce from your inventory on the snowdrift to melt the snow and take the NORWEGIAN ARMY KNIFE out.

On the left of the stilts man is another man. Talk to him to find out about why the clock isn’t working and what needs to be done to get it to work. So you need to convince him that Helga likes him.

Walk all the way to the left and take a LOG from the pile. Open the door above it, below the one of Frieda’s. Talk to the man behind the counter and learn about his interest in yodeling. Give him the book from the stilts man and he’ll teach you how to yodel. Especially pay attention to the diet.

Take the bottle of BLEACH from the counter. Leave the shop and walk to the right. Enter the Chalet Cardiovasculare again and talk to the man who’s working out. He wants to enter the competition and needs to weigh 200 pounds. Ask him to weigh himself and discovers he’s only 2 pounds short. Use the norwegian army knife on the scale to adjust it. Talk to the man again and ask him to weigh again. It’s a bit too much so now he has to loose weight.

While he’s skipping rope, you can take the PROTEIN POWDER. It’s a dairy product so could be perfect to sabotage a contest. Also take a SHOTPUT from the barrel next to it. Leave the chalet and walk to the right to the Lederhoedown. Since he won’t let you use his water, use the tap of the keg of schnapps to let the schnapps flow. Franz will leave his spot to close the tap and you can put the protein powder in his water.

Talk to Franz again and challenge him in yodeling.  Leave the stall and walk to the left. Go back to Y. Press. Use the log on the yetimatic. It was too weak. Walk outside and go to the logs again. Read the sign above the logs and take it from the wall. Enter Chalet Cardiovasculare and give the sign to the ropeskipping man. He’ll know how to loose weight now. Pick up his ROPE and walk outside again to the logs. Now that the log is in halve, take the LOG and enter Y. Press again. Use the log in the yetimatic again. This time you get two CLOGS. Take them. Walk outside and take another LOG from the pile. Walk to the right and step in to the Lederhoedown again.

Use the log with termites on the wooden beam on the floor. Talk to Franz and challenge him in clogging. Another challenge won by default. Use the shotput on the barrel with schnapps to dye it green. Leave the stall and walk back to the left to the Chalet Vasciolare. Enter the tennis court below the clocks.

Use the army knife on the net to damage it and stop the tennisers from playing. White they’re repairing the net, use the green shotput with the green tennis ball. The game continues and leaves two  broken rackets and a ball. The players leave and you can take both RACKETS and the BALL. Use your knife on the net twice to cut a piece of the NET.

Leave the tenniscourt on the right and leave the chalet on the left. Above you is a pie balancing on the railing. Use the tennisball to knock the pie over. You’ll walk in and are directed to the first aid kit. Once cleaned up, take the DROWSIMENE from the cabinet on the wall and walk to the left to exit the chalet. Walk to the Lederhoedown and use the drowsimene on the keg with schnapps.

Talk to Franz again and challenge him in schnapps drinking. You win again. Take the CERTIFICATE from the wall. Take the jar with PICKLES and leave the stall. Walk to the left and enter Y.Press again. Give the certificate to the shopkeeper and you get your YETI COAT.

Walk to the right to the pond where lively fish is swimming. Use the drowsimene on the pool to calm the fish down. Then use the net on the pond to catch a RED HERRING.  In your inventory put the fish on the pickles. Walk a bit to the left and talk to Helga on the balcony. Tell her about the clock winder and ask her to marry him. She’ll need a pickled herring then. Give the jar with pickles and herring to Helga. Pick up the HANDKERCHIEF and walk to the right. Give the handkerchief to the clock winder. He’ll wind the clock.

The stiltman will fall and the clockwinder will get you some managable stilts. Read the sign to the right of the Lederhoedown. So you need snowshoes. In your inventory, use the knife on the skipping rope. It’s cut into four strings. Use the strings on the tennis rackets.  Use the tennis rackets on yourself to enter the path.

Walk to the cat sitting in the snow and use the bleach on the cat. Then use the pherimone on the cat and the yeti will be lured out. Enter the cave and walk to the right. Notice seven skulls (!) and take the TEETH from the jar. Walk to the left and return back to town.

Walk to the left and enter Frieda’s shop again. Use the yeti coat on Jessica to let her step into the photo booth and wear the coat. Use the teeth on the photomatic followed by the stilts. Then use the curtain to step out. You scare the hell out of Frieda who sounds the alarm. Leave the shop and follow the black path to the north.

Find the gate to the factory of the Baron gone. Walk to the right and look around. Look at the huge drums and the spigot. The valve on the spigot is locked. Use the control panel to unlock the valve. It’s a puzzle that needs to be solved. It looks difficult if you play random but with a special technique it can be done. Mind you, the puzzle is different each time so a fixed solution can’t be given.

The solution to the puzzle:

The circles should all be dark or all be light red. Use the square button to change the layout until you have only a few light reds or only a few dark reds left. That increases the speed. Then for each circle you want to change: click in the circle, click the one above, click the one to the right, click the one below and click the one to the left. So for each circle you want to change you click five times: the circle itself and the four ones around it.Focus only on the one you want to change, don’t be fooled by all other circles that change too. If you stick to the principle, it’ll work out.

In case of edges, you stay to the priciple but ‘shift’ to the other edge. So when you want to do one on the right edge, you select that circle, the one above, the one on the left, the one below and the one on the left edge of that same row. Corners are even more tricky sincy you also have to shift the up or down. If you want to avoid those, use the square button to search one with all corners in the same colour and change all others to the same colour.

Once the circles have all the same colour, leave the control panel and turn the valve. See how the story develops.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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