You’re in your hotel room and get a second chance to live again. Just kill Mr. Clawman.

Next to the bed is a bottle with POINSON. Take it. In the plant next to the wardrobe is a piece of CHALK. Take it as well and use the door to leave your room. On the map select Janine’s House. On the table you can find an APPLE. Take it and then talk to Janine.

She’s very surprised to see you again and can’t believe her eyes. She doesn’t want to talk to you. Talk to her again and you’ll ask about the knife. She still has it and will give the KNIFE to you. Then use the door to leave the house.

On the map select Q’s Lab. Talk to Q and ask if he has anything for you. He hasn’t. On his desk with chemical stuff is a mortar. It’s the very thin white line on the left of the green bottle on the burner. Pick up the MORTAR and use the chalk with the mortar to grind the chalk. Use the grinded chalk on the knife to get a FINGERPRINT. Use the fingerprint with the computer to get a name and address.

Use the door of the lab to leave and select Michael’s house, a new location on the map, as your destination. You’ll find an angry dog in the garden. Use the poison on the apple and give the poisoned apple to the dog. He’ll sleep for a while. Enter the house and talk to Michael. Clawman appears to be in Canada. The police will take care of the rest here. Time to leave and select the airport in the north of the map.

You can overhear the conversation about the missing key. Your luck. Use the trashcan to find a pair of SOCKS. Looking closer at the socks reveal the KEY. Talk to the lady behind the counter and ask for a ticket to Canada. It’ll cost €300. You don’t have money and can’t pay for it. Just walk to the right and keep walking until you’re in front of the plane. Use the key on the plane to enter it and fly to Canada.

You landed in a garden somewhere. Next to the tree is a SHOVEL. Take it and select the plane to enter it again. Inside you find a SCREWDRIVER on the floor. Leave the plane again through the door with the lights next to it. Walk to the right in the garden towards the gate and on the gate is a security panel. Use the screwdriver on the panel to deactivate the security system and then use the manhole in the ground to enter the tunnel to the other side of the fence.

On the other side you’ll find a DIAMOND RING on the edge. Take it and use your shovel to get rid of the stones. That way you can walk to the ROPE and take it. Walk back again to the ladder and climb up. Walk back to the plane and use it to enter it.

Look at the crates in the plane. They contain a PARACHUTE. But it’s incomplete. Use the rope on the parachute to repair it. Now you can enter the cockpit on the left.

You must land on the biggest square you can find. It’s the sixth or seventh column from the left, the fourth or seventh from the top. Once landed correctly you’re inside the house. Use the top door on the left. It’s the bathroom. Inside you’ll find a guard. He isn’t too quick so when you get your gun you can shoot him. Above the toilet is a shaver with a CABLE attached to it. Take it and leave the room again. Go to the lower door on the left.

It’s the dining room and als has a guard in it. Again it’s not the quickest so use your gun to shoot him. Use the table to find a piece of GUM stuck to it. Leave the room and walk to the other side of the hall and use the door to enter the bedroom. Again a guard and also easy to kill. From the nightstand you can take the CLOCK.

Leave the room and go down the stairs. Another hall with doors. The top one on the left is the kitchen and other than a guard that you should kill there’s nothing to be found. Leave the kitchen and use the lower door on the left. Here you’ll find Mr. Clawman! Shoot him as well but he manages to escape, leaving you with a bomb. You must blow up the activator.

Use the cable with the gum and use these two on the clock. Use the combination on the computer in the room to stop the detonation. You did it! You defeated Mr. Clawman. He isn’t dead but at least he’s harmless now.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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