You’re left behind in a cell in a police station that’s about to explode. You need to get out fast.

There’s a crack in the wall. Punch it a few times until there’s a real hole. Look at the hole and find a BOTTLE and a ROPE. When you look at the bottle you realize there’s something in it. Break the bottle to get the MESSAGE out. It’s from the previous occupant. Mr. Bones so to speak. There’s usefull information in the note about the dog, the door and the lock. He already tried a file on it.

Take a good look at the door. The second bar from the left is different. Take the IRON BAR and there’s space in the door. But not big enough for you to get through. Look out the window and find a dog.

Take the lower BONE from the skeleton and use it with the rope. Use the rope with the window and the dog will bite. You take the rope again and pull the dog closer to the door. Look at the window again and this time you can see the dog.


Look at the collar of the dog. There’s a leash hook on it. Use the iron bar on the hook to take the RING from the collar. Go back into the cell and break the ring. Bend it into a lock pick. Look out the window again and use the bent wire on the lock. Now run!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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