So you’re trapped. Wouldn’t be the first time. But Indy wouldn’t be Indy if:He took the easy way out by climbing the vine. Oops. Pick it up the VINE, might be usefull (5/5).
Now that reminds me of a whip. But what to whip? Whipping at everything you see, the diamond falls out (5/10).
Pick up the DIAMOND (5/15) and put it on the …. diamond pedestal (5/20).

Look at the other pedestals and signs on them. Getting a *bright* idea already? The sun pedestal in the dark, the moon in the light…. can’t be right. Turn the diamond. The CLICK tells us we’re on the right track. So it’s obvious we need to ‘fill’ every pedestal with the sign that’s on it. Look at the skeleton. Pick up the skeleton. Oh well…. a BONE is enough. Since we’re the clean type, we’ll take the RAG (5/25) as well. Looking at it in the inventory it reminds me of … let’s try: Use the rag on the bone (5/30). Yep! There’s your torch. Use the torch on the flames on the wall (5/35). Taking a good look at the flames reveals a button behind it. First the fire. Use the torch on the fire pedestal (5/40). There’s another click.

One pedestal left. Over to the scale. Take a good look at it. An I huh? There’s a cup next to it. Pick up the CUP (5/45). Look at it. A III huh? Something tells me we’re missing something. Use the cup on the pile of sand. Use the cup on the scale. Doesn’t work. What’s with the sand then? Take a good look. Use the sand. There’s the missing CUP (5/50) . Take a good look at it. Play with the cups and the sand. You love’d it since you were a little Indy. When you try to fill cup II with cup III it reveals that the one is smaller than the other. Aha! But how much on the scale? The contents of II? Nah.. that would be too abvious. The remainder of III then? Bingo! Another click (5/55).

That complete’s the 5 pedestals. But still no open door. Then the button. How to put the flames out. There’s no water around. Besides, oil and water don’t go very well together. Let’s use the sand. You can either use cup II that’s still full or fill III again. Use it on the torch . So much for the eternal flame. Nothing?

We need to look even closer at everything. That panel? Nah, wouldn’t know the combination anyway. Floors, ceilings, walls… Did I say wall? Below the middle window is a brick. Take it out. Grab in the hole to find the PARCHMENT (5/60). Blanc? Nothing? Not even invisible ink? What would light do with paper? Use the parchment on the sun pedestal. Look at it again. Take the paper and look at it. Turn it around to see (20/80) … The light has revealed some signs. Now could those be the same as on the panel? Use the paper on the panel (5/85). Still the door doesn’t open.

Try the button again. Oops.. the fire’s on again. So it is eternal! Use one of the cups to fill it with sand again and use it on the flame to get to the button. Push the button (15/100). Yes! We’re outta here!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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