You’re standing between heaven and hell and can decide where to go. Yin points are for hell, Yang points are for heaven. It depends on what you give to the man with the scythe. Talk to the man to receive a FISHING ROD. You can use the rod on the palm trees of heaven to get a JAR. You can use the diary on the lake to get a WET PAPER and CLEAN DIARY. When you pick up the sign you get some POLAROIDS. Use the polaroids with the jar and the lighter on the jar to create a LANTERN.

Use the lighter on the dirty diary: 3 Yin points
Use the lighter on the clean diary: 5 Yin points
Use the lighter on the rod: 5 Yin points
Use the lighter on the tickets: 2 Yin points
Use the lighter on the wet paper: 5 Yin points
Use the lighter on the polaroids: 5 Yin points

Give lantern: 10 Yang points
Give jar with polaroids: 10 Yin points
Give tickets: 5 Yang points
Give lighter: 7 Yang points
Give fishing rod: 2 Yang points
Give the dirty diary: 7 Yin points
Give the clean diary: 10 Yang points

To get the most Yang and go to heaven: give the tickets, lighter, rod and clean diary and lantern to Death (34 Yang)


To get the most Yin and go to hell: burn the clean diary, burn the rod, burn the tickets, burn the wet paper, give the jar with polaroids (27 Yin)

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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