When you’re insde the house, walk to the bed, all the way to the left. Use the end of the bed to remove the sheets and find a KEY under it. Take the key and use it to open the closet next to the entrance door. In the closet you find a PLUNGER. Take it and use it on the sink, near the bed.

Once the water is out of the sink, you can feel inside and take the metal BAR. This bar is the handle of the middle drawer. Use the bar on that drawer and you’ll be able to open the drawer. You can now take the PEG out.

Use the middle upper cabinet to take a rubber GLOVE. Walk to the right to the toilet.

Open the toilet. Because you have the peg, the toilet can stay open with you getting sick of the smell. Use the plunger on the toilet to drain it. There’s something inside the toilet that clogged the thing. Take the glove and use it on the toilet. You’ll get a complete ARM out of the toilet.

Look at the arm in your inventory and find a KEY attached to it. Use this key on the trunk. As soon as you want to open the trunk, the lights go out. The only thing you can see is the bed. When you look at the bed, you find a book. Funny though that the book is empty…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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