Your dad wants you to check the well after the lightning struck there. Use the door on the left to leave the house and walk further to the left until you reach the well. As soon as you look at the well, lightning strikes again and you pass out.

When you can, use the tree on the right side of the well to give it a kick. Seems like nothing happened. Do that again and it looks like the same result. But when you do it a third time, a piece of WOOD falls out.

Walk to the south and then to the right to return to the house. All of a sudden there’s a car parked in front of the house. Walk to the south and find the door locked shut. Walk to the left to the shed. That door is locked too. Use the window next to the door to smash it and unlock the door. Now you can enter the shed.

When you open the cabin on the right you can pick up an AXE. Leave the shed again and walk to the south. Use the axe on the front door and you can enter. Inside you can see Agent X1 doing some business. Talk to him and ask what he’s doing.


He says he’s your cousin and appearantly not the cleaverest one. Talking to him you learn that your parents are locked up upstairs with and alien and that they molested your parents. Use the door next to the ladder to go to the basement. There you find Agent X2. Talk to him. Also family. And also he doesn’t mention the aliens in the house.

Look at the washer. No power. Hmm.. Look at the TV. It’s broken. Use the door to leave the basement again. Walk to the left, go outside and walk to the left to the shed again. On the outside is an electric box. It’s locked. Use the axe to open it. Look at the inside of the box to find a broken fuse. So that’s why the washer didn’t work.

Leave the shed and walk to the south, then right into the house again. Use the door to the right of the ladder to go to the basement. As soon as you enter, something happens outside. Look at the old TV. Use the TV to get a FUSE. Use the door to leave the basement and walk to the left to leave the house.

In front of the door the window of your parents room came down. Pick it up to take the WOOD. Walk further to the left and use the fuse on the electric box. That’s repaired. Walk to the south and back into the house. Go to the basement and use the washer to open the door. Use the hole of the washer to get more WOOD out.

Leave the basement and walk to the left. Look at the window to the left of the ladder. A nice view. Use your special gift, the transformation of thoughts on Agent X1. He’ll step over to the window as well. As soon as he’s there, use your axe on him to turn him into a pile of meat. Use the dead man to search him and find a pair of SUNGLASES, a BOOK and a NOTE. Read the note to find out more about the aliens and the Agents and there should be another note somewhere in the bushes.

Leave the house and go back to the shed. Enter the shed and put all the wood on the workbench. It’s enough to make a new LADDER when you use the workbench. Leave the shed and look at the bushes to the right of the shed. There’s another note in there. Read the note to find a clue about the lock.

Walk to the south and use the ladder on the backside of the house, to the left of the front door. You can now go upstairs. Use the hatch on the floor to be able to go downstairs again and then look at the door on your left. There’s a strange lock on it. Now there was a hint in the note.

The solution to the lock:

Since the inner ring can’t move, the middle one can only have three positions so it’s not too difficult to use brute force on this one. The cross in square shouldn’t be with the eye, so turn the middle ring once. Then push the big button. Use the outer ring on all positions and after each turn, push the big button. After the second turn you’d find it unlocked. So turn the middle ring once, the outer ring twice and the door is unlocked.

You can have a look inside the room but it’ll kill you so make sure you have saved the game at this point.

Use the hatch to go downstairs again. Go to the basement and talk to Agent X2. He’s very busy. Use your special gift on the agent and he’ll think you’re the new team member. You’ll get the assignment to kill the monster upstairs and take a sample with you for analasys. You’ll get a GUN.

Leave the basement and use the ladder to go to the attic again. Enter the door on the left and as soon as you face the monster use your gun to kill it. Then use the monster to take a SAMPLE and leave the room. Use the hatch to go downstairs and go to the basement. Give the sample to Agent X2.

You’ll get the assignment to take the car and go to the homebase again to report. You’ll get the CAR KEYS and must take the car there. Leave the basement and walk to the left. Leave the house. There are two more aliens! Shoot to kill he said so use the gun to kill them both. Then use your keys on the car and you can leave the place.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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