Use the door to enter the house.

In the hall use the desk to take the MATCHES and go up the stairs.Use the door on the upper right to enter the bedroom. Use the drawers to open them and take the KEY out. Leave the room and use door on the lower right, the bathroom. Use the key on the  cabinet under the sink to find another KEY. Take trhat one and leave the cabinet and the  bathroom again.

Use the door on the upper left to enter the kitchen and use the key on the cabinet left of the oven. Inside you’ll find… a KEY. Leave the cabinet and leave the kitchen. Use the door on the lower right. It’s the living room. Walk to the right and use the key on the white door to see the back garden. Walk down the stairs and use the doors of the shed. Inside you’ll find a HAMMER, a ROPE and a LAMP. Take them all and leave the shed. Walk to the south and enter the house again on the left.

Inside walk to the left and south and you’re in the hall again. Walk to the south and use the door to enter the closet. The floor is cracked here. Use the hammer on the floor to make a bigger hole and use the rope on the hole to climb down.


Part Two:

You’re in the dark. Look at the darkness and use the lamp on the darkness to put it down. Use the matches on the lamp and you’ll be able to see all of the cave. On the right are two eyes staring at you but you can ignore them for now.  You have to find your way through a maze. Follow the path to the left and from there go to the south. Pick up the PAGE from the ground. Walk left, then north. On the ground you can find an empty SERINGE. Pick it up, go south, left and north twice to find a dead man in a pool of blood. Use the seringe on the BLOOD to take it.

Go south twice, right twice, north three times, left and south. You’re in front of a huge door with a minklink guarding it. Use the seringe on yourself to become a minklink and talk to the guard. You can enter now. Walk to the right to visit the town square. Walk to the right on the square to see a guard and two doors. Use the door on the right and talk to the minklink. He starts about soap which he doesn’t have and gives you a PICTURE to show to his friend.

Leave the room on the left and go south back to the square. Go north to find two doors again, this time without a guard. Use the door on the left and talk to the minklink. But he isn’t talking to strangers. Show him the picture and talk again to the man. He’ll give you some MONEY to buy soap. Walk to the right and outside use the door on the right. There’s the man who sells soap. Give him the money and you’ll get a bar of SOAP.

Leave on the left and walk south to the square. Go right again and this time use the door on the left. Talk to the minklink and ask for something useful. He can give you the sword if you give him some soap. Give him the soap and you’ll get the SWORD. Leave on the right and go south to the square.

Talk to the guard on the left and he’ll tell you that the king is looking for you. Walk to the left and talk to the guard in front of the gate. He’ll tell you the king is expecting you. Walk to the left and talk to the king. When he asks you if you’re ready for your challenge, tell him yes. He’ll let you sleep a night and sends you off to kill a monster.

Standing in front of the cave walk inside and climb the stairs. Walk to the left and follow the path. But make sure you don’t fall off otherwise you’re dead. At the end of the path going north you’ll face the monster. Use your sword on the monster and you’re a hero.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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