You’re locked in the cellar.

Take the BATTEN from the ground. Use the batten on the bars of the stairs where the yellow box is. This will open up the room in there and you now can look at the box. There is some florist WIRE on top. Take it.

Use the washing machine to blow out a fuse. Open the fusebox next to the light switch on the wall and notice a blown fuse. Look at the washing machine. There’s something under it. Try to take it and you fail. Try to take it until you finally get the WEDGE from the ground.

Open the cupboard to find a box at the bottom. Use the box to get a FLUFFY THING out. In the corner on the right is a bucket with yellow paint. Use the fluffy thing on the wire and dip it into the yelllow paint. Now that looks like cheese.

Use the yellow fluffy wire cheese like device on the gully in front of the washing machine. A mouse will jump on to it and fall through the grating.

Use the mouse hole to find a strip of CHEWING GUM. Use the gum on yourself to keep the wrapper. Use the silver foil in the fuse box to bypass the fuse. Use the washing machine again and it’ll spin off it’s place. Repeat that two more times and you can see a KEY coming from underneath. Pick it up and use the key at the top of the stairs to get out.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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