Enter the office on your left and talk to Doris behind the desk. Ask her for a new assignment. There is one and you need to pick it up fast! Outside you realise that the battery of your car is dead. So now we need to fix that first.

Look at the sewer. There’s something shiny in it but you can’t get it out. Maybe the carpenter can help out here. Walk to the left and enter the carpenter’s shop. One crying kid and a carpenter who’s too busy to talk to. Look at the picture on the wall. That gives you an idea…

Leave the carpenter and go back to Doris. Maybe you can help her first with her computer. She has a book but it’s in German. Pick up the BOOK from the desk and use it on the computer. It didn’t really help but at least you got the UNICORN DOLL. Look at Doris’ desk. There’s gum stuck to it. Use the left side of the desk, next to the plant to take the GUM off the desk. Leave the office and walk to the sewer.

Use the gum on the string in your inventory. Use the fishing rope you’ve created on the sewer and the shiny thing appears to be a RAZOR BLADE. Enter the carpenters shop. Look at the girl. She’s still crying. Give the doll to the girl and she’ll stop. As thanks the carpenter will make you something so ask for a wooden CROSS.


Try to take the cloth on the left. The carpenter says you can use some, but not take all. Use the razor on the roll to take just a piece of the CLOTH. Time to make a kite! Use the fabric on the cross. Then use the rope on the kite. Finally use the key on the tail to make it heavier and conduct the current. Your kite is finished.

Walk outside and use the kite on the car. The lightning will make sure to charge the battery and you can use the car to drive off…. or… can you?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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