Walk to the right to find your friend Gregol dead on a rope.

It were the Monks who did this. Walk to the right and a Sho from Manga will show up, trying to kill you. But you’re one step mahead and kill him first. If you want another ending, not very satisfying, search him to find paper with CHEAT CODES. Walk further to the right until Agito shows up. But it’s actually not Agito, it’s one of the Monks.

The Monk is here to kill everybody who starred in the Guyver. And that’s you too. But again you’re one step ahead, use the guiver spell and turn into a diver. You question the genuinity of the monk and he has to prove he’s no shit. He’ll change the room. You’ll kill him.

Walk further to the right and pick up the BOMB. Talk to the man. He wants the bomb so you’ll give it to him.  Now if youi have the cheat codes you need to give it to him as well and he’ll cheat by killing you. If you left the cheat codes where they were, you can outsmart the gay man and kill him. Walk to the right to end the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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