Note: I played the TRS80 Color Computer version with VCC

[Note: You need to keep track of where you are. If you run out of oxygen, you need to return to the spaceship to recharge. This can happen at any moment. If you do happen to get the warning, return to the spaceship and PUT OXYGEN.When asked for location, answer with RECHARGING station and then GET OXYGEN. Now you can return to the location you were. ]

You’re in the control room of your spaceship.

GO CHAIR to sit down and find some items. There’s a textbook so TAKE TEXTBOOK and  READ TEXTBOOK to see what the ship uses for fuel. Lets see if we can find some. Now that you know you can DROP TEXTBOOK.


GO UP will return to the control room and GO DOWN to reach the cargo hold. In these area’s you can normally find some useful stuff so TAKE NETS. There’s a locker so OPEN LOCKER and LOOK to see more items. TAKE CRATE from locker. The crate is closed and if you want to open it you’ll notice it’s glued shut. Before you go, TAKE OXYGEN so you can breathe on your journey. TAKE BILL and LOOK BILL to see the instructions on how to make a still. We can make fuel then! Since you now know what you need, you can DROP BILL.

GO EAST into a barren field where the most interesting items are a statue and a sandsled. GO SANDSLED to see what’s in there and find a jeweled club. TAKE CLUB and BREAK CRATE with CLUB. This will reveal the contents. Fastgro will drop to the floor.  TAKE FASTGRO. Although your inventory mentions the splinters, you can get rid of them with DROP CRATE.

GO DOWN to leave the sled back to the field and GO EAST onto a plaza. There’s a holy grail here. TAKE GRAIL and then LOOK GRAIL. There are seeds in there. You don’t need the grail so DROP GRAIL but TAKE SEEDS.

GO NORTH into an ancient temple and TAKE TORCH. For now GO SOUTH to the plaza and  GO EAST into a deserted room where there’s a mirror. LOOK MIRROR to see yourself and notice that you have pockets. LOOK POCKETS to find the harmonica and the lighter. PLAY HARMONICA to play a nice tune. PLAY HARMONICA again and the music will get louder, PLAY HARMONICA again and the music will get much louder. PLAY HARMONICA one final time and a Martian will appear.

TAKE MARTIAN and when asked in what, answer with NET. Now that the Martian is captured, DROP HARMONICA and DROP NET. You can TAKE HELMET from the Martian.  BREAK MIRROR with the CLUB and then DROP CLUB because you won’t need it anymore.

Now that the mirror is broken you can GO UP into a dark narrow secret passage. LIGHT TORCH to see where you’re going and then GO WEST into a secret observatory. GO WEST again onto a narrow ledge to find a rope. TAKE ROPE and trace your steps back to the room: GO EAST, then GO DOWN and GO DOWN once more back to the mirror.

From here GO WEST onto the plaza and GO WEST to the barren field GO NORTH to the water filled moat. Since you’ve got the helmet, TAKE WATER in your HELMET. You’ve now got all the ingredients for growing some grain. GO SOUTH and then GO EAST back to the plaza. From here GO NORTH to an ancient temple and GO EAST again to an empty garden. The sign tells you to drop the Fastgro.

So: DROP FASTGRO. Then DROP SEEDS and DROP WATER. And LOOK! You’ve made wheat. TAKE WHEAT. From here GO WEST and TIE ROPE. When asked to what, answer STATUE. This will create an opportunity to GO DOWN into the dry well.

TAKE INJECTOR pump and GO EAST into the maze of hallways. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s just a hallway. GO EAST again to reach a dark dank cellar. TAKE TUBING. Now you can GO EAST again and when you GO UP again you’re back at the bottom of the dry well. GO UP once more back to the statue. You don’t need the rope anymore so DROP ROPE. You can now also do without the torch so DROP TORCH.

GO SOUTH back to the plaza, from here GO WEST to the barren field GO NORTH to the water filled moat. Since you’ve got the helmet, TAKE WATER in your HELMET. Now GO SOUTH to the barren field and TAKE AIR rocks. GO EAST back to the plaza and GO SOUTH into the shop. There’s a table and a flask here. TAKE TABLE and TAKE FLASK. Now GO UP into a Martian living room and GO NORTH into the Martian kitchen. There’s a kettle here in which you can make your alcohol.

DROP WHEAT into the KETTLE, then PUT WATER into the KETTLE and finally PUT TUBING into the KETTLE. To heat the kettle you need fire and that consists of oxygen, a fuel and ignition. DROP TABLE for fuel, DROP AIR rocks for oxygen and LIGHT FIRE for ignition. The kettle now bubbles. GET ALCOHOL and when asked in what, answer with FLASK. There’s your fuel. GO SOUTH and GO DOWN to the shop, then GO NORTH to the plaza. GO WEST to the barren field and GO WEST again into the cargo hold.

GO DOWN into the engine room and PUT INJECTOR into the RACK. From here GO UP to return to the cargo hold and PUT ALCOHOL into the TANK. You’re now ready to go. GO UP into the control room and GO CHAIR to take your position. PUSH BUTTON to leave the planet.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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