You have to go to work.

Look at the computer and see what you’ve been up to. It’s an adventure game. Walk to the left and go to the kitchen. The alarm clock will sound. Pick up the KNIFE from the bedside stand and use it on the alarm clock to silence it. Take the ALARM CLOCK and the KNIFE with you and walk to the left.

In the kitchen pirate Shakespeare will surprise you. Talk to the pirate and he will tell you he wants to rob your place. Since you don’t want that you must get rid of pirate Shakespeare.Talk to him and you can learn that he doesn’t like cats.

Take the CHEESE and go to the left to the lounge where Creeps is on the couch. Use Creeps to get one of his FEATHERS. Talk to Creeps and he’ll tell you about his thesis. Talk some more and he’ll tell you about the study and you can tell him about the pirate and the robbery.


On the wordprocessor on the left is Creeps THESIS. Take it. Read the thesis. Look at the processor and notice that the panel is loose and might be pried off. Maybe you can help Creeps with his thesis. Look at the picture above the word processor. When you use it you find a safe behind it.

Talk to Creeps again about the document. Ask him about the safe. Use the cheese on the door to unlock it and use the door to open it. Enter Creeps room. On the right is a pile of phones. Use the pile to find a THESIS EXRAPOLATOR DEVICE. Take the bottle of SOAP against the wall and take the PICTURE of Creeps from the wall.

Walk to the south and talk to Creeps again. Ask him about the word processor, his room and the extrapolator. He’s convinced it’s a cheese grater. Walk to the right and talk to pirate Shakespeare. Ask him if he knows how to make a bomb. He’ll tell the ingredients. Ask him if you can use his hook. For the hook he wants some pieces of eight and a way to write sonnets the youth can relate to.

Walk further to the right and in your bedroom use the thesis device on your computer. Look at the screen and see that you can insert any document on paper. Use the thesis on the extrapolator and look at the screen again to select a subject. Any will do. Out of the device comes the final PAPER. Take it from the device and walk to the left. Use the knife to cut the 8 from the banner. Since the pirate wanted pieces of 8, we need to find a way to tear it.

Walk to the left and give the thesis to Creeps. In return you get a copy of his BOOK about youth slang. Use the door to Creeps bedroom and look at the next door. It’s a robot door with a biometric sensor. Use the feather on the sensor and you’ll get access. Use the door to go into the office.

Against the wall is a shredder. Use the 8 with the shredder to get pieces of 8. Walk back to the south twice and with Creeps walk to the right. Give the pieces of 8 to pirate Shakespeare and give him the book with slang. You’ll get his HOOK. Walk back to the left to Creeps and use the hook on the word processor. There are some wires sticking out.Take the WIRES and look at the door below the processor. Closed and locked but soft as cake.

Use the knife on the door to cut a hole and take the PANCAKE MIX out. Use the wires on the pancake mix, and use both on the alarm clock. You’ve made a bomb. Use the bomb on the door of the safe to open it. Inside the safe was a BURLAP SACK. Take it.

Walk all the way to the right to your bedroom and use the picture of Creeps on the window to lure the cat inside. The cat will react and jump from the tree into the window.  Use the sack to catch the CAT and walk to the left. Use the sack with cat on pirate Shakespeare. He’ll leave now.

Now that pirate Shakespeare is gone, you can go to work. Walk to the left and use the front door on the left to go to work. You just hear how the world is under attack by musicians.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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