You should rescue the princess. But when you enter the castle everything messes up.

Through the spaceship you reach a portal. Use the green entrance to travel to a submarine ship. Walk south from the ship to enter Reality on the Norm. Talk to the bum to ask how you can escape but he doesn’t know (2/2). On the ground is  a BLUE CUP. Pick it up and use the door of the Yahtzee Brand General store to enter the shop. Pick up the MACHINE you’re standing next to (4/6) and use the cooling cabinet on the left to take a KEY out (2/8). Use the magazine rack in the back of the shop to find a BATTERY (2/10).

Leave the shop again and walk to the right into Glitch City. There is only one ‘M’ living there.  Talk to the purple M in the center of town. Tell him about the blue mug (5/15). In return you’ll get a PINK POSTER. Walk to the left to leave Glitch City and return to Reality. In the streets walk further to the left to reach a castle with Zelda standing in front of it. Talk to her and ask what happened. She’ll tell you all about the technology.

Give the pink poster to Zelda and you’ll get the CHIP in return.Walk to the right back to Reality and behind the bum through the alley to the north. You’re at the submarine again. Walk over the bridge to the left and you’re in the jungle. There’s a device on the bridge. Use the battery on the machine and it will be charged (5/20).


Walk back to the right and to the south to return to the streets of Reality. Use the key on the door of Scid’s bar to enter the toilet. In your inventory use the chip with the frequency resonator to tune it and use the battery with the frequence resonator to charge it (5/25). Now use the resonator on the toilet and you’ll be sent home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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