The cable car station:

Look around. The door is locked. There’s a cover to the right of the door but too heavy to open. A metal bar is lying on the ground. Use your only skill, telekinesis (F1), on the metal bar and move it to the hatch to open it. Then you can enter. Look at the stuff inside. There’s an open fusebox. Inside the fusebox you can see a switch. Use your telekinesis to pull the switch. Now the power is back on. Climb the ladder to go upstairs.

Look around. There’s a notice board with several messages on it. Read it several times to see them. Next to it there’s something written on the wall as well. Use the hole in the door to go to the control room. Not much left here. See the glowing brick? Use the telekinesis to move it. Oops. Underneath is a diary. Pick it up and read it. 

Learn from the diary what happened with Hansen, Larisa and the others of the crew. You can also learn how the code is being changed all the time and what kind of system they are using. On the last page is an employers card. Enter the next room with the green machine in it. Buttons, levers and a pencil. Above the machine is a drawing on the wall which shows the positions of the buttons, levers and switches: all buttons must be pressed, all lights must be on. Try the machine. If all was that easy…..


The solution: First pull the big lever. If you want to reset again, switch this one off and on again. Pick up the pencil to push all the big red buttons on the left. The little switches: numbered from 1 to 4 from left to right: switch 1, 2, 3, 1, 4 and 1. This will light the left five lights. Then push the small buttons: numbered from 1 to 4 from left to right, push 1, 3 ,4 and 2. This will light the right two lights. You can see the cable car being active now.

Leave the office on the right side and go back to the cable car. Go inside the cable car. Use telekinesis on the lever to the left of the car. There you go!

The garage:

A new skill: pushing (F2). Look around the hall. Read the notice board about the thing that shouldn’t be opened in any case. Read the report on the desk. Look in the corner, next to the gate. There’s a big pile of junk. No way you can move that. There’s also a sleeve of the asbestos suit. On the desk is a pot and there’s acid dripping from the ceiling. Using the pot on the acid makes more holes in the pot than there are already. Use your telekinesis to use the sleeve on the pot. Then use your telekinesis on the reinforced pot to catch the dripping acid and pour the acid on the pile of junk in the corner of the room. That will take some time but at least remove the junk and a way out for you?

Something got away and made a hole in the other door. You’re still trapped though. Look at the storage space where the junk was. It’s to dark to see. Look at the dial on the desk. You need to enter an employers code. Good thing you read the diary. The code of Niels Grossenson is 3822. Use your pushing power (F2) to enter the code. The gate slides open. Leave the room through the hole in the door.


Look at the lines on the wall. The red line leads to hall A, the blue to hall B. Look at the papers on the floor. Read the excuse letter and the annual report. Look at the wall on the left. There’s a notice about the gas cylinders. And there’s another schedule of gauges and switches. We need to remember those. Look at the blood stains on the floor. They lead to the hole. Look in the hole. There’s someone there! Talk to the one in the hole. It’s Jacques Dirac. Talk about everything and learn what happened. Try to pull him up and you’ll scare him to death.

Walk down the corridor, follow the blue line to hall B. There are more papers on the floor. Accountancy. There are wires, but not usefull. Also a pipe and a bucket but not of use at the moment. The door in front of you is locked. Then back down the corridor.

Hall A:

Then the red line to the right. You can enter hall A. A notice on the floor about hall B having had a fire. A business card from an extermination company. On the notice board a message about new contracts. A bit to the right of that, behind the cardboard boxes is a conveyor belt. Go to the right, further down the hall. More buckets. More wood. There’s a dark corner in the back, below the platform. Go there. There’s another bucket. And a pipe. Look through the hole in the pipe. Something is stuck but it’s not clear. More papers on the floor. Unusable unfortunately. Go back to the hall and climb the ladder. You can now overview hall A. There’s a strange machine up there. Walk ahead to the tube post.

Look at the tubepost. The monster that was released earlier is hiding in there. There are also two tubes next to the pipe, but not much you can do with that. Go back to the hall again. From the overview you have, you can go to the passage. In the passage, you have a  view-through on the left. Have a look. Return to the passage and from here enter hall B.

Entrance hall:

You can overview hall B from here. But other than that there’s no other option than to go back to hall A again. From here you can reach the entrance hall by going straight ahead. There’s a door to hall B but it’s locked. Look at the sign written on the wall. And a box that you can open! Ah…. Click on the bottom part of the screen to go further down the hall. There are doors to the dressing room and lobby. The large entrance door is jammed. Enter the lobby.


There’s a plan on the wall. Take a look at it. You’re standing where the red dot is. Talk to the man behind the counter. It’s Jacques Dirac, the man you killed earlier. He’s not very happy. Tell him to stop whining and that he should be glad he doesn’t have to look at the mess. He’s seeing things different now and you can talk to him easier. Ask him about everything. Learn all about the sector and all people working here. Learn more about the ladybirds. Upon leaving Jacques requests you to repair the fan. See what we can do.

Turn to the exit. Look at the entrance being blocked. There are more papers on the floor. Some about using protective gloves when handling the fuses. The door to the store is locked. Go back to the part of the lobby you were first and then talk to Jacques again and ask him about the locked door to the store room. It’s infested by rats and you can go there only if you promise Jacques to get rid of the rats. So you’re let into the store room.

Store room:

Look around the room. In front of the boxes is a letter from Niels to Larisa. Read it. In the center of the room is a crowbar, just behind it a heave stone. A bit further behind that, to the right of the bucket is a rat hiding behind the box. Use your telekinesis to lift the stone and drop it on the rat. Now starts the rat chase. You have to kill 6 of them by dropping the brick. (Note: you can cheat this game by using the backspace). In the back of the store room is another door to the cellar. Have a look at it. It’s locked by a keypad. Leave the store room now and return to the lobby. Leave Jacques and go to the entrance hall. Then enter the cloak room.

Cloak room:

In the first part is not much to see. There’s a locker you can open but there’s nothing inside. Click on the bottom part of the screen and you can see smoke coming out of a locker. There’s someone inside. Talk to Scott Piper and learn about the fire in hall B. He can tell you all about all people working in the factory.

 Look at the no-smoking and rules on the door. Also more ladybird writings. Go through the door to the showers.

There’s a lady taking a shower. It’s Larisa. She’s not convinced she’s dead. She’s been taking a shower for a few days. Tell her that’s she’s only a shadow but she won’t believe you. Tell her to listen to you. Then she’ll understand and eventually start about Niels. Now you can talk to her about Sector Omega and Niels. When she doubt about Niels, tell her about the diary and the letter. Ask her about the door to the cellar and the ladybirds.

Learn all about the other people in the sector.

Store room:

Leave the cloak room and go back to the lobby. From here, go back to the store room. Look at the keylock in the back. From the diary you can get the sequence of each next code: the first digit counts up, the second down, the third up and the fourth down. So based on the number of changes read in the diary and told by Larisa, the last code used must be 0745. Use your pushing power to enter the code.

Go down to the cellar. There’s a case. Use telekinesis to remove the red cover of the fusebox. Use the pushing power the push the red buttons. You can now provide electric shocks (F3). Take a look at the right. Nothing but darkness there. Leave the cellar again.

Hall A: 

Leave the store room, leave the lobby and in the entrance hall go further down the hall. Use the door on the left to go back to hall A. Turn to the right there and climb the ladder to the green platform. Go to the passage and look at the view-through again. These little light bugs can be put together with you new skill. But you have to be fast because they don’t stay put that long. When they’re all together, you have a new skill: the creation of light (F4). (You can cheat this part by using the backspace).

The garage:

Leave the hallway and climb down the ladder. Go to the other part of the hall and take the door on the left back to the corridor. Then move back to go back to the garage. In the corner is the dark closet but with your new skills you might be able to see more. Use your light power on the closet and find a letter. It’s from Hansen and tells you more about the Sector.

The cellar:

Go through the hole in the door again and back to hall A. From there to the entrance hall, down the hall and into the lobby. Then past Dirac to the store room. In the back is the door to the cellar, still unlocked. Go down the stairs and turn right. Meet the monster. He’s hungry. Tell him you can’t be eaten because you’re a ghost. Show him the status of your sheet and he’s convinced. But he still wants to eat. So agree to get something better to eat for him.

Look at the panel on the left. It provides the power to hall B. Use the push power to pull the big lever near the label HAL B. To the right are three switches. Switch the left and right one, leave the middle one off. You can one use two switches at a time, otherwise the big lever will turn to off again. Leave the cellar, the monster and the store room and go back to the lobby. From there to the entrance hall, further down the hall and back to hall A.

Hall A:

From here, go further down the hall to the green platform. Climb the ladder and look at the tube post again. Use your surge power on the monster and this will clear the tube. Now you can enter yourself to follow the tube to the other side. You’ll end up in hall B.

Hall B:

Look around. You the stairs that were broken by the monster. A paper on the floor. Read it. Look at the mysterious door at the top of the stairs.

Go to the hall. Here you can see a car hanging on chains. The petrol tank is unscrewed and it has a lever. Then there’s ‘something’ on the floor and a bar. On the wall is a cabinet but you can’t get it open. You can try the bar that’s laying on the floor but it’s to thick.

When you go south you step out of the hall. At first the door is locked but the key is there so after unlocking you can go to the entrance hall but there’s no need yet to do so. Go further down the hall.

You see empty barrels with green glowing stuff. A conveyor belt and a cart. Next to the conveyor belt is a canister. Use telekinesis to put the canister on the horizontal part of the belt. Look at the control panel of the conveyor belt in the back. It has a sign and two buttons. Press the red one. Nothing. To the right is a darkness. Use the light power to make some light and that explains why the button didn’t work. Use the surge power to connect the wires and you can see the conveyor belt move one step at a time. Use the left and right wire alternating the current.

Leave the control panel and go to the other part of the hall. Take the canister of the belt and use telekinesis to fill the tank of the car. Use you push power to pull the lever and the car works! Use telekinesis to pick up the bar on the floor and hold it to the front wheel of the car. This will sharpen the edges. Use telekinesis also to open the cabinet on the wall.

Look inside the cabinet. A big lever can be pulled. When doing so, a room is revealed with more control panels. A green light should go on next to the lever. If not, one of the switches in the cellar isn’t set right. Go to the control panels and first look at the red machine. There’s a label on it with lobby fan. We can make Jacques happy. There is a lever on the right side. Push it to the ON position.

The lobby: 

Leave the controls, go out of hall B, down the hall, to the lobby. The fan isn’t working!

To to the store room and down to the cellar. Look at the panel next to the monster. Some changes need to be made in order to let the fan work. Push the left switch, currently on, to the off position. The switch above the Lobby-note is now off and should be on. The lever to the right of the note should be pulled down. Go back a few times and notice the fan is working! Talk to Jacques about it. You’ll get a new skill: wind making (F5).

Cloak room: 

Go to the entrance hall. From there to the cloak room. Go to the other part of the dressing room and talk to Scott again.  Tell him you found out about the fire and he’ll tell you about the lockers.

Because Jacques was in the lobby, he must know more about it. Leave the cloak room for now and go back to the lobby. Talk to Jacques and ask him about the thief in the locker room. He’ll also refer to the lockers. Go back to the cloak room.

Open the locker to the right of Scott and find some numbers and calculations. Also a drawing of two lockers. Note that behind the name Vic the numbers 2 and 3 are underlined and behind the name Cassidy the 1. In the cloak room are three lockers you can open. Go to the other part of the locker room where a locker is on the floor. Make sure the locker you can open is completely closed and then push the door once. Go to the other part and use the door of the locker on the left of Scott. Also make sure this one is closed and then use your push power twice. Do the same with the door of the locker on the right of Scott, the one with the paper in it. Close the door and then push it three times. Nothing happens so far. But what did Jacques see Hansen do? He smashed the no-smoking sign. So push that sign and…. a locker opens. Inside is a little box. But you can’t figure out what it’s for. Even the flyer underneath can’t tell you more.

The boss isn’t happy and sends someone after you. Larisa warns you. Go to the shower room and talk to Larisa. She can feel someone coming in the cable car. You need to run.

You’re playing on the map and there’s always one empty room between you and Oozy. Your goal is to get Oozy in the store room so the monster can eat him. First try to remove the extra room between the two of you:

Cloak room, Entrance Left, Entrance Right, Hall A top, Hall A bottom, Hall A top, Entrance Right, Entrance Left, Hall B top, Entrance Left, Entrance Right, Entrance Left, Hall B top, Hall B bottom.

Oozy is now only one room next to you so now he only has to follow you to the store room:

Garage Corridor left, Garage Corridor right, Hall A bottom, Hall A top, Entrance Right, Lobby, Store room, Cellar.

Talk to the monster. Ask him to repair the staircase in Hall B. Eventually he will. You are in Hall B when he’s finished.

The office: 

You can climb the stairs to the door. Open the door. It’s locked. Go down the stairs again and back to the hall. Leave the hall and in the hallway go to Hall A. Turn right there and look at the dark corner again. Look in the tube. Something is stuck. Use your draft power to blow into the tube and push the blockage out. Go back to the hall and climb the ladder onto the green platform. At the strange machine look at the tube post. A hand is on the table, holding a key. Use your surge power to give the hand an electric shock and thus release the keys. Use the telekinesis to lift the keys into the open tube. Use telekinesis again to place the capsule in the tube post. Now push the capsule. Nothing. Blow into the pipe. Also nothing. So something isn’t working.  Leave the tube post, climb down the ladder again and go to the other side of the hall.

Go to the entrance hall, go down the hall and into the lobby. Past Jacques to the store room and into the cellar again. Meet the ladybirds.

The ladybirds:

Learn who killed you and who’s behind the operation. Look at the panel on the left. Since the tube post is in hall A, we need to make some adjustments to the settings.  Push the right switch to the up position so the light will go on. The pull the lever from hall A. All switches and levers from hall B and the lobby will switch off. Try the lever of hall A again and this time it will stay down. Leave the cellar and the store room and go throught the entrance hall, down the hall, through the door on the left back to hall A.

Turn to the right, climb the ladder and go back to the tube post. Push the tube into the pipe and it will find its way. Leave the platform down the ladder, down the hall and to the entrance hall. From there the door to hall B and to the stairs in the back. Climb the stairs. You’re post has arrived. The tube opened already, leaving the key on the floor. Use telekinesis on the key and use it on the lock.  Open the door and enter the office.

The office:

Look at everything in the office. A file, cabinets, a computer, a floppy disc, a safe, the painting and a lot of junk. Use your telekinesis on the floppy disc and put it in the computer. It starts. Select Administrator with the arrows and push “confirm”. You need a password. You can try all but none of them will work. Select the log off on the right and confirm again. Go deeper into the office. On the desk is a tape deck. Close the cover and rewind the tape. When done, press play.

Learn about the blackmail between Hansen and Kurt. So Omega produces something that has to do with the afterlife.  You have a new skill: eavesdropping (F6).

The safe:

Leave the desk and look at the safe. It needs a code and you don’t have one. Maybe one of the employees should know? Let’s ask them. Since Niels was aware of things, maybe Larisa knows. Leave the office and go back to the hall. Go out of the hall into the entrance hall and go further down the hall. Enter the cloak room. Go into the shower room and talk to Larisa. Ask her about the combination of the safe. She doesn’t know. Ask Scott. He tells you about Kurt mumbling the code once and that Kurt is probably dead. Ask him where to find his ghost. Also no luck.

Leave the cloak room and go to the lobby. Talk to Jacques. Ask him about the combination. Ask him about the ghost. He think you might try it on the catwalk. Leave the lobby to the  entrance hall and go further down the hall. Then the door on the left to hall A. Go further down the hall and climb the ladder on the green platform.  From here go to the passage. Enter hall B through the door. Activate the eavesdropping power and leave the room again. Wait a bit and enter the room again. Click on the eavesdropping in the center of the screen and you can hear Kurt mumbling and eventually produce a code.

Go back to the passage, back to hall A. Down the ladder and to the other side of the hall. Straight ahead to the entrance hall and from there to hall B. In the back of the hall go up the stairs to the office. Go deeper into the office and examine the safe. Push the buttons on the keypad. The safe is open. Another diary.

The safe: 

Open the diary and read all pages to learn what Omega is producing and what happened to everyone. The final page is a drawing. Leave the diary and look at the bottom shelf of the safe. It has blood on it. Push on the shelf. You can hear a door open. Next to the safe is a secret door.

The secret door:

Go through the door. Look at the head. It’s screaming. Talk to Hansen. You don’t know what to say to ease the pain for him. Leave him for now. Use the eavesdropping power and you’re in the office again. Enter the secret room again and listen to the recorded sound. Talk to the head again and produce the same sentence. Talk to Hansen again about everything. He’ll explain about the ghost catching. You need the contact Niels and use a musical instrument to let him communicate with Hansen.

Look at the paper on the floor. There’s a code on it. Might it be the password? Leave the room and go back to the office. Use the computer on the other end and push the confirm button. The correct one is on the list so select that one and you’re in.

Click on the down arrow to select the unformat disk and press confirm. Then arrow down and confirm to go back. Use the left arrow to switch to the image list and you can scroll through them with the up- and down arrows. Try to recognize the places. Use the right arrow, followed by the down arrow and the confirm button to log off.

Leave the office and go to the hall below. Further into the the hall and out of the hall into the entrance hall. Down the hall and into the lobby, past Jacques and into the store room. Down the stairs into the cellar and to the right. No one here. Look at the bones. Take the surge power and use it on the bone to make a flute. Now take the scary sound essence power you got from Hansen and use it together with the flute. Now you can make scary sounds.

Talking to Niels:

Use the scary sound power and blow through the bottom hole without covering any hole. A melody will sound and Niels appears. You can both make four different sounds. After producing a sound, Niels will make two sounds.  The first is the confirmation of your sound, like a cat (wrong) or like a gremlin (right), the second is the sound to respond to. The bone has four holes. Numbering them from left to right (or high to low) from 1 to 4, when Niels produces snore you should cover hole 3, when he sounds like a baby crying, cover hole 2, when he grunts with a low voice, cover hole 1 and when he sounds like a pig, cover hole 4. You need seven correct responses in a row.

Now you can talk to Niels. Ask him everything. Learn about the reverse machine to negate the effect of the catcher. You get a numeric combination that’s random but needed to set the machine and you have to calibrate the gas. Leave Niels.

We saw something that has to do with the gas earlier. Leave the store room and the lobby, down the entrance hall to hall A. From there the door on the left to the corridor. On the left side of the wall is a cylinder with some notes next to it. Look at the cylinder: no flows. Look at the note. So A is set by the gauge, B by the switches. And there’s the A times B? Looks like a ratio.

When using gas there’s a danger of explosion. Let’s ask Scott for advice. Leave the corridor to the right and from hall A to the entrance hall. Down the hall to the cloak room. Go to the other part and talk to Scott. Ask him how to set up the circuits. He’ll give you the ratio 66:34 for both pipes.

 Go back to the entrance hall, down the hall and into hall B. Look at the control panel we use before to activate the fan in the lobby. That must be for pipe A. But it doesn’t work so there must be power first. Leave the control panels and hall B and go to the lobby and the store room, back to the cellar. Look at the panel. Ah! Because you switched the hall A lever before, all others went off. Make sure all levers are pointing up. Pull the lever of hall B down and check that the left and middle switches are set to on, the right one stays off. Leave the panel and the cellar, the store room and the lobby, down the entrance hall and go back to hall B.

Look at the red control panel again. It has power! On the computer MV559.JPG showed the gauge on 3. So we need to get this one on 3 by pushing the buttons. Only the most right button of the four needs to be pushed down. The hand shows 3. Now for the switches below. The define the offset of the ratio. So all off (down) will be 0:100, all on will be 100:0. Now how to get a value of 66? We’ll number the switches from left to right, 1 to 5. According to the note next to the cylinders in the corridor, 1 was 1, 2 was 2, 3 was 4, 4 was 8 and 5 was 16. With a factor of 3 (remember A times B?) you would get to 66 with 2, 3 and 5: 2×3=6, 4×3=12, 16×3=48 –> 6+12+48=66. Set the switches 2, 3 and 5 to on (upward).

Before we pull the lever, we’d better check on the cylinder. Leave the control panel, out of hall B, into hall A, and into the corridor. Look at the cylinders on the left. That’s right!

Leave the cylinder and return to the control panel: to the right to hall A, ahead to the entrance hall, ahead to hall B and down to the control panel. Pull the lever. If all is set correctly, the red control panel stays on. Now look at the brown one. It’s obvious that the code you got from Niels (remember? It was only repeated 8 times…. ; – ) needs to go on top. Set each switch to the correct number. If done so, a red light on the top will go on. For the buttons we need to refer to the diary of Hansen. On the last page was a picture of buttons. 1, 4 and 5 had arrows in them. Push these. The second red light on the top will go on. Pull the lever. You did it! The plant will be operational. And the anti-ghost cather will be produced. It’s a …. bucket?

Anti-ghost catching:

Go back to hall B. Then to the entrance hall and to hall A. To the right of the notice board is the conveyor belt that produced the anti-ghost catcher. Look in the bucket. Use the telekinesis power to pick up the device. You’ll get a new skill: exorcism.

Go to the entrance hall and to hall B. Climb the stairs in the back  to the office and go to the secret room. Use the exorcism skill on Hansen.

Leave the office, go down the stairs, to the other part of hall B and out of the hall into the entrance hall. Go to the lobby and use the exorcism power on Dirac. Leave the lobby, back to the entrance hall and into the cloak room. Go to the locker where Scott’s hiding and use the exorcism skill on the smoke. He’s free as well.

Go to the shower room and use your skill on Larisa. She only wants to if Niels is with her, so you’ll call Niels. All ghosts are freed now. All that’s left is yourself…..

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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