You have to search for tapes.

Take TAPE #1 from the grass. Walk to the house and inside through the door opening. The phone is ringing so pick up the phone. Walk to the right to notice there’s no doorway so pull the cord to get the MICROPHONE. Then walk further to the right.

There’s a letter puzzle that you need to solve. One of the clues is to look at tape #1. It has drmt on it so push the D, the R, the M and the T. Then you can pick up TAPE #2. Walk through the opening on the right, just above the horizontal plate. Walk across the tightrope to the right until you are back on the ground in front of the bikers. Walk to the left until the hand reveals a tape. Take the tape to see it’s a BLANK TAPE.

Walk further to the left and you’re back inside the strange machine. Use the bell next to the screen to start the telewatcher and reveal another switch. Use the switch in the center to change the image and use the opening on the right, just above the horizontal plate to leave the machine again.

You’ve reached a tape machine and now you should mix the two tapes you found on the blank tape. Press the question mark to load tape 1 and press play to play tape 1. Press the question mark button again to load tape 2 and press play again to listen to this tape. Then press the question mark, followed by the record button to record your new track.

After recording press the question mark button twice to leave the deck. Click anywhere to turn on the lights and follow the man down the rope. When he doesn’t answer, walk back up the rope and follow the rope to the right. Across the water to the right where there are three towers that need to be used in the correct order.

Start with the one in the middle, then the one on the right and finally the one on the left. If you need to restart, press the chimney breast. Walk back to the left and a hand will appear out of the water. Climb the plate it’s holding to the tower and walk over the roof to the right. Once in that tower, you’re trapped.

In the mast is a tape but you can’t get up there. Walk all the way to the left to shout for help. After the failed attempt from the paratrooper you have a choice, get the tape or jump. Choose to jump. You’ll find a HAMMER and get taller. Walk up the mast and get TAPE #3.  Climb down and you’ll fall. Touch the darkness to land onto a dam. Use the banner on the far right to hear a tune. Then use the blue banner to start the sequence. You must touch the other four banners in the right order to proceed. Number them from 1 to 4 from left to right and use the order 2, 4, 1 and 3.

Enter the building on the left and you’ll see that man again. Walk north towards the tape machine. Just follow the instructions of the machine. You’ll pick up another MICROPHONE and when you’re ready click the man in the lower left.

Look at the vessel on the right and it’ll take off. Walk to the right to find another structure and use the door to go inside. Walk all the way to the right over the metal roof and you’ll see the strange man again. Follow him back to the left where you’ll have to catch your three tapes again. Now you can make the end mix. To attract some lightning you must select the correct tree. Click on the one below the mountaintop on the right.

Click on the faces to make them disappear and then on the phone to recognize the model. Pull the cord attached to the phone. In the back across the field you can see the house you dreamt of.  Find your way through the field (start on the hill on the left and zigzag across the thin lines to the house.  Inside you’ll be in a crowd and you’ll have to get across them to get the man clapping in the middle. Walk to the right, then north. Go left and south through the crowd. The walk to the man on the right. Walk north behind him to automatically walk outside again.  You made it!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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