The Office:

After the intro, you are in your office. Take the police badge from the desk. Open the top drawer and take the transmitter and tracking device. Take a seat behind the computer. Start the hack tool. Since your badge is inactive, you want to reactivate it. Click on Police Activation Server and push the Hack button. Your badge is activated now. Leave the office. Click on the scanner to go to your car. Then drive to Sainsbury Station.

Sainsbury Station:

Take a look at everything. Look close at the camera’s. They are from ProtecVision. Let’s pay them a visit. Leave the station again and go to ProtecVision.



You’ll get the footage automatically and will return to your car. Go back to the office.

The Office:

Use the computer again and select the WristPhone Drive. You can see three files now. Take a look at each of them until you find something to print: Station Exit Camera 7 has the cab company and number. Zoom in by clicking there. Zoom out by the minus symbol. When you’ve found the correct image, click on the printer symbol. You now have a picture of the cabnumber. Open the Corridor 2 Camera 1 file and zoom in on the man in the middle. Then click on print to get a picture of Robert. Open the Platform 1 Camera 3 file to find the sniper. He’s just above the right announcement sign. Zoom in above 11:00 and you’ll find him. Print the picture of the sniper. Shut down the computer. Use your wristphone to call the cabcompany. They don’t give specific information but you know that there was only one driver and there is a specific area he serves. Start the computer again and open the hack tool. Select Taxi Com System and click on Hack. You’ll learn where the cab will be shortly. Leave the office to go to The Parrot for a drink and some info.

The Parrot:

Talk to Jack behind the bar. Ask him about Victoria Station. He knows nothing. Show him the picture of the sniper. He knows where to get such weapons. He’ll give you the address of Boris. Go back to the car and drive to Boris’s Gunshop.

Boris’s Gunshop:

Talk to Boris. Not much he’ll tell you. Show him the picture of the gun. He wants cash for some info. Give him the cash. He has some info for you but he wants something in return. Now we’re normally very carefull and don’t go with strangers but in this case let’s do what he wants. Go with Boris….. Then you can use his computer to find more info on the gun. Leave the gunshop and go back to your office.

The Office:

You’ll get behind the computer automatically. Now that you know the owner of the gun is in jail, you must look further.  Use your wristphone and call the cabcompany again to order a cab.

The Cab:

Talk to the cabdriver. He won’t give any information at first. It doesn’t matter if you bribe or threaten, he’ll answer all your questions eventually. Now that you know of the three men and Victoria Metro Station and of Mrs. Denton. Let’s pay Mrs. Denton a visit.

Denton’s Apartment:

Talk to Rosie. Talk about security and stuff. Show her the picture of Robert. That way you can plant the tracing device in her sleeve.  Get back into your car. Since Rosie will move right after you left, follow her to Victoria Metro Station.

Victoria Metro Station:

Look around. Take a close look at the vending machine. It’s not so empty after all. You’ll wake up in the metro and talk to Robert. Learn about the resistance and PeCap 2.0. He’ll ask you to join. Think about it. You’ll end up in the station again. You’ve lost your gun, device and pictures. Go to The Parrot to talk to Jack.

The Parrot: 

Talk to Jack and ask him about the resistance. He knows more but still no details. Let’s go to Alistair Defence to see if they can be of assitance.

Alistair Defence:

Talk to captain Walters. Ask him about 2.0 and Robert. Tell him about Robert. At the end make him an offer he  can’t refuse. It has it’s price but they’re willing to pay. Become a double spy. Leave the room and exit the building. This will automaticaaly bring you to you office.

The Office:

Wait for the phonecall and agree to meet. You will automatically end up at Victoria Subway Station.

Victoria Subway Station:

You’ll be blindfolded and take to the others. After the introduction your on the train.

The Train:

Take the rope. Go downstairs. Look at the switches. There’s an extinguisher as well. Go further downstairs on your left. There’s Rosie. Talk to her. So she’s guarding the safe. And that’s where PeCap 2.0 is. We need to get past Rosie. Back up the stairs. Tie the rope to the extinguisher. Then switch off the light. This will distract Rosie and you can overtake her. Now that her light’s out, frisk her (by ‘using’ Rosie). This will result in a set of keys. Use the keys on the safe and take the device out. Go back upstairs and go to the toilet.  Take the laxatives from the sink. Then exit the toilet again. Leave the screen on the right and look at the compartments. The middle is a good hiding place. Walk further to the right. There’s the emergency break and a coffee machine. But who drinks coffee? Walk further to the right. There’s the driver.
Talk to him. Ask him about his motives and knowledge about the resistance. Learn in the end about the coffee. Leave the cabin and go to the coffee machine. Use the laxatives on the coffee. Then you need a place to hide. Leave on the left and ‘use’ the middle compartment. Now wait for the driver to get his coffee….. and his run for the toilet. He’ll be there for a while. Leave your shelter and go to the drivers seat. This will warn Walters.

Now there’s a choice: destroy the device or keep it. If you want your money it depends on the second choice you get: warn Robert or turn him in. So if you detroy the device and let Robert go, you’ll get nothing. If you detroy the device and turn Robert in, you’ll get money. If you keep the device and let Robert go, Walters is also happy and you’ll get your money. You’ll get the most if you keep the device in tact and turn Robert in.

Anyway… we’ll have to wait for the next episode to see if your decision had any consequences.
Game source: The game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Such an awesome demo (?) free game. I’ve been telling everyone I know at Gameboomers about it. I have just downloaded it to replay. It puts me in mind of the Tex Murphy games, which I love. Please make more games in this vein, and even make them to sell. I would pay to play them, especially if the games are about this detective. Thank you for making it available to gamers on the internet.

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