Walk to the right and see the colours of the rainbow.

Look down and see three balls missing: red, green and blue. You have to find those.

The green pearl:

Go back twice and look at the wall on the right. There’s the red one behind bars. Go south and see something on the ground. Take a closer look to recognise the RING. Pick it up and turn to the right. Go north twice, then right. In the background is a piece of PAPER. Pick it up and have a look at it. Go to the right into the tunnel and north to find a chest. But it’s locked. Use the ring on the chest to open it and take the DAMAGED BLUE PEARL out.


Leave the chest, go south and left again. Then south. Next to the roots of the tree is a ROCK on the grond. Pick it up. In the center of those roots is a space and when you look closer you can find the blue ball inside but it’s out of reach.Leave the hole and walk north, then to the right.

At the entrance of the pipe, go south and find a lever. Trying to move it, you find it stuck. Use the rock on the lever to move it. Leave the levern and go left. The door is open now! Enter the room on the left and take the CROWBAR standing against the wall. Look at the diary. Read it and look at the last page you’ve written yourself. Leave the room to the south and look at the torch on the right. It has gone out. Take the yellow spark. In your inventory use the yellow spark with the damaged blue pearl to create a GREEN PEARL.

The blue pearl:

Walk south andlook in the hole between the roots again. First you couldn’t reach it but when you use the crowbar with the pearl you can take the BLUE PEARL out. Leave the hole and go south

The red pearl:

Look at the cavity on the left. It has similar symbols as on the paper. What you know from the diary you need to get the demon of hate emprisoned. Look at the paper and see what the demon of hate looks like. Recreate it in the cavity and leave it. Go south twice and look at the wall on the right. The bars are gone and you can take the RED PEARL.

Walk to the right and look down. There are the three empty spots you need to fill. Put the red one on the left, the green one in the middle and the blue one on the right to repair the bridge. Leave the pearls and walk north to complete what has been written in the diary.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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