You just dropped into a room. It’s some kind of maze.

Walk through the door in the north. Walk down the steps, the up the steps on the right. Go through the door there. Walk up the stairs at the bottom of the screen. The room rotates. Use the door leading to the blue room. Use the stairs in the back and walk through the door on the blue wall on the right. Cross the hall to the north and use the door there. Then through the door to the yellow room and on the balcony. There are two white doors and a black.

The laboratorium:

It doesn’t really matter which one you take, after some flashing, you’ll end up in a hallway in front of an elevator. Enter the elevator and push a button. Again it doesn’t matter which one, after walking south you’ll meet Dr. Werner  Stolidus. Talk to him to learn his name, your location and when you ask him about Pisi, he’ll mention the scetch. Ask to see the scetch and he’ll open the drawers to get them.

The drawer on the right isn’t interesting, the one on the left contains an ELECTRIC DRILL that you will take. Use the telescope to ask to have a look. There’s this strange green planetoid. Look at the and of the lens to find a PEA. You’ll take it.

Dr. Stolidus is missing his planetoid. Talk to him again to tell him it’s a pea. Sure the doctor has another explanation. Use the upper right corner of the carpet that’s lying over a trapdoor. The trapdoor becomes visible but is locked. Use the electric drill on the trapdoor to open it.

The cathedral:

Walk towards the back and talk to the person standing there. On the right are some steps leading to a statue. Look at the statue and see one eye is missing. Use the pea on the missing side. The mouth will open and a key is revealed but when you want to take it, you drop it so now you have a BROKEN KEY. Walk to the south and enter the room. Look at the door and read the sign on it. It’s Art and Culture assessment. Use the door to open it and walk to the right to enter the department.

Art and Culture assessment:

Talk to the man behind the desk and ask for the exit. He can show it to you if you bring him some music that’s totally different. It should be on vinyl. Take the MARKER from the desk. On the other corner of the desk is a roll of STICKY TAPE.  Walk to the south and left back to the cathedral.

The cathedral:

Go south again. Use the door on the left of the man who’d show you the way. In your inventory use the sticky tape with the key to fix it and use the fixed key on the door to unlock it. Walk through the door to the auditorium.

The auditorium:

Take the round AZTEC CALENDAR from the wall. Use the drill in your inventory to drill a hole in the center of the calendar. Use the marker to paint the calendar black. Use the door to leave the auditorium and walk to the south across the cathedral to the Art and Culture department. Enter the room.

Art and Culture assessment:

Give the man behind the desk your black disc. He’ll show you the exit. When he has lowered the bookcase, walk to the right and see the exit. Well, only see. That wasn’t funny. As soon as the manager is knocked out, there are two real exits:

1: Walk to the left towards the blue light and you’ll jump over the balcony to you freedom


2: Walk to the right and use the marker on the yellow wall to draw a door. Then you can exit as well.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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