You want to get rid of the opponent and destroy their enterprise. Pick up the STYROFOAM CUP from the table and use it on the dispenser on the right. Look in the wastebin and get a bottle of GLUE out. Check your laundry to find a HANDKERCHIEF. Leave the office.

Walk to the left and climb the hill to the tower. Half way you meet the gravedigger. But he can’t do his work because his shovel broke. Ask him the BROKEN SHOVEL and you can pick it up. Use the glue on it and hold it together with the handkerchief. Give the shovel back to the gravedigger and he’ll give you his LIGHTER. Walk further up the hill and meet the guard. He’ll receive a phonecall and afterwards he’ll tell you about the delivery.

Give the guard the cup of water. Walk down the hill back to the office and use the cup again on the dispenser. Go back up the hill, back to the guard and give him a second cup. He likes the drinks. Go back to the office once more and fill the cup again. Back to the guard again and he’ll drink his third cup. Go down the hill, and then back up again and notice the guard is gone. Probably a toilet break. Take the PHONE and walk down the hill. You’ll receive a phonecall and you can change the address to your own.

Walk further down the hill and note the package next to the mailbox. Take the package and get the DYNAMITE out. Look at the crate and find the TROWEL. Go back up the hill and to the left of the entrance of ‘Good’ is some loose dirt. Use the trowel on the loose dirt to dig a small hole.


Use the dynamite on the small hole and Good is gone. Evil is left.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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