Everyone is gone and now you must try to escape. But the keycard that opens the pod doors are gone as well.

Walk to the south to enter the hallway and walk to the left to enter the gym. Take the red WEIGHT from the floor and use the equipment box on the left to take a BALL out. Walk to the right and use the door on the left to enter your own office. Take NEWTON’S CRADLE from your desk and leave again on the south. Use the weight on the door on the right to smash the window and use the door to enter the office.

Left of the bed is a portal on the wall that collects rubbish. Use the portal to find a CROWBAR and a KNIFE. Walk to the south to leave the room and walk to the left to enter the gym again. Use the crowbar on the panel next to the equipment box and find the wires behind it. Use the knife on the wires to cut them. Walk to the right to leave the gym.

In between the two doors is a pipe and in the middle is a panel. Use the crowbar on the panel to remove it.  Use the ball with the tube you’ve just opened to see if it’s safe to go down. Use the knife on Newton’s cradle to cut the wires and keep the BALLS, WIRE and FRAME apart. Use the wire with the frame again to create a GRAPLING HOOK.

Use the hook on the opening of the pipe and use the pipe to climb in. Walk to the left and the first door you encounter is a metal one. Use the crowbar on the door to open it. The next one is a wooden door which can be opened with your knife. The walk furter to the left to find the computer. Use the screen to find the hole in the center and then throw your metal ball through the hole. The screen will change. Use the keyboard next to it to open the doors to the pod.

Use the opening in the wall to leave the room and walk to the right. Use the rope to climb upstairs again. Upstairs walk to the right and see the hatch of bay door 2 open. Use the hatch to walk inside and you can escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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