After you’ve finished your game and uploaded it, it’s time to go out. Open the top drawer to take the purple HAMBURGER out and use the middle one take the AGS MANUAL out. Never leave home without it.

Outside try to use your car. You need a key for that! Walk to the right and notice a trail of blood. Walk further to the right a see a dead man on the pavement. Next to him is a gun. Pick up the GUN and use it (press spacebar) to shoot any zombie coming at you. Make sure you kill him. You can search the zombie but you won’t take the umbrella.

Walk further to the right and find a lady in danger. She’s being attacked by a zombie and is out of bullets. Use your gun on the zombie and she’s rescued. Talk to the girl and you decide to run for it together. But first you must search the zombie. Good thing because he has a KEY.

Walk to the left again and find the bodies gone. But they left an AXE. Pick it up and walk further to the left. You’ll meet a clown. First use your gun but when you’re out of bullets, use the axe on the clown. When he’s dead, walk further to the left to your car. Use the key on the car and drive out of town together.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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