Give your bubblegum to the old man. This will make him distract the alien. Use your Laser Pick on the crate with explosives to get an EXPLOSIVE from the crate. Use the Laser Pick to make a small hole in the wall where the water seeps through. Use the explosive in the little hole and arm it. This will make a big hole and you’re outside.Walk over to the robot. As soon as you have to ID yourself show the robot your dogtag and you can pass. Exit the screen in the middle left.Look at the box hidden behind the bush. Open the box and find an EXPLOSIVE. Walk back to the right and use the explosive with the robot. It doesn’t explode but the robot is disarmed. Bob gives you a pair of WIRE CUTTERS. Go one screens to the left again and take another explosive out of the box. You never know. Walk further to the left.

Look at the fence. You hear humming as it might be electrified. Take the metal trashcan to prove it. Use the wire cutter to cut a hole in the wall. Go through the hole.

Open the door to the closet and take a STUN GUN out. Use the gun on the guard to knock him out. He dropped his KEYCARD. Pick it up. Enter the hangar.

Look at the box. Open the box and Fluxy jumps out. Talk to Fluxy. You both want to leave but first the spaceship needs to be repaired. Fluxy gives you a POWERCELL. Look at the silver grey box in the middle. It’s a watcha-ma-call-it and there seems to be a part missing. Use the powercell to fix it. Use the keycard on the main computer on the left.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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