Talk to Eric to find out his name and he’ll tell the story about his work and Carla. Then you decide to go to the arcade.

Walk to the right and talk to dad. Ask if you can workout too but he thinks you have to study. Show him your paper and he’ll give you some WEIGHTS. Walk to the north and use the doorway to enter the arcade. Look at the note on the wall. So you need to reach a high score. Use the arcade machine to try Nazi Hamsters but you’re not strong enough to get the prize.

Use the coin return to find a COIN. Walk to the south to leave the arcade and go to the right back to your dad. Walk to the left and  you’ll find the club. But you don’t want to go there yet. Use the coin on the soda machine in front of the club to boost your cafeine level. Walk to the south, then north and return to the arcade. Play Nazi Hamsters again and this time you’ll get the high score. Your prize is a tin of  INSTANT COFFEE.

Walk to the south to leave the arcade and go left back to your dad. Walk south and left and use the portal to go to Suburbia. Follow the road to the left and on the crossroads go to the left. Enter Cathy’s Coffeebar and talk to Cathy. She won’t give you any coffee if you don’t pay.


Use your tin of coffee on the mugs on the counter and Cathy won’t be pleased. Do that three more times and she’ll punch you into orbit. But because you have the weights you won’t get far. She’s destroyed your tin of coffee but promises to replace them. Walk to the south to leave the bar and walk south again to the crossroad. Then go to the upper right to the portal to the city and go through. Walk to the right twice to your father, then to the left to the club. Enter the club where you’ll meet Carla.

Her space ship got destroyed and wants to return to her own planet. Talk to her to learn about her father. You promise to help her and take her to her crashed space ship. Walk to the south twice, then left and through the portal. Carla will walk away. Walk to the left twice to another crossroad. Walk to the north three times. In front you can find a JEWEL. Better take it with you. Walk further north to see a few orbs. You need to touch them in the right order to reach the altar.

The orbs have names. Use them in the order 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 4, 5 and you’re on your way. Talk to the ghost on the left and he’ll ask for proof of your righeous cause. Give him the jewel and he’ll leave, dropping a BLOCK on the ground. Pick up the block and walk to the north three times to find Wallace. Talk to Wallaca and ask if he’s seen the girl. He hasn’t but gives you a piece of PAPER. He’ll refer you to Jake since his shift just started. Ask him how to find Jake and he’ll tell you to walk to the west across the bridge. But you must make an offering then.

On the left of Wallace is a gizmo on the ground. Use the metal block on the gizmo and that’s your offering. You can now walk to the left over the bridge. On the other side you’ll find the city. Use the metal thing in front of you to take a piece of SCRAP with you. Enter the building on the left and walk to the right. There’s Jake. Talk to him to find out about Carla, the broken elevator and the ‘other’ entrance.

Walk to the left twice and use your scrap metal on the spinning gears to sharpen the edges of the metal. Walk to the right and then north to leave the building. Outside walk to the lower left side and there you’ll find a grate that blocks the ‘other’ entrance to the city. Use the sharp rusty metal on the grate to open it and use the grate to enter the city.

Everyone is dead. Walk to the south and meet the evil one that took Carla. Talk to the person and ask him about his name (Doomy?) and the catastrophe. Then he’ll tell you about the castle and ask about that too. You’ll walk to the pathway leading to the castle. Look at the sign to read the warning. But we’re not scared.

Use the purple crystals to travel to the next set of crystals. Use the yellow crystals on the left to travel to a machine. In front of it is something on the ground. Pick it up to find it’s a STRANGE DEVICE. Use the strange device on the machine in front of you to turn it on. Use the rusty metal on the machine and it will jam up. Use the crystals on the south to travel back to the yellow crystals and walk to the north around them. There’s Doomy again.

After Doomy’s gone walk to the south and meet John Boy who will tell you how to get to Carla. Together you’ll move to another world. Talk to John Boy and ask for Carla. He’ll tell you about Julia, his wife. Afdter the conversation use the yellow orb to start the ship and fuel up at the moon. But there’s a pipe damaged. Use the weights from your dad on the gas can to replace the pipe and walk to the north to the other side of the moon.

When you walk back, you’ll see a snowman on a circuit board. He’ll give you a weapon to fight the Ant of Doom. It’s the UZI OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Talk to Spacetron to find out more about Carla and the timetraveling. Then use the RAM on the right to leave the circuit board again and walk to the south to join John Boy again.

Talk to him to continue your journey. John Boy will be shot but they can’t hit you as long as you stay under the platform. Use the space ship to get the BOOZE, a BANDANA and a LIGHTER. Use the bandana with the booze to create a molotov cocktail and use the lighter on it to throw it on the platform. Once the sniper is defeated, use John Boy to take the MAP from him.

Walk to the left, then to the north to find a huge display. Walk to the left to find the controls. Look at the controls and position the cross hair halfway the two pointy sides. It’s the power control that the map refered to. Leave the screen and use the fire switch to kill the power and walk to the right four times. Take the CRYSTAL from the pedestal. Walk to the left twice and use the green crystal on the yellow ones standing here. It will take you to the main floor of the space station.

Walk to the north and find what once must have been the computer room. It’s dark in here. Use the lighter to find the ladder on the north side. Use the ladder to go one level down. D0wnstairs go left and take the BATTERY-like object from the floor. Look at the power source to see close up and see a wire hanging loose. But it’s too hot to take. Use the paper scrap you got from Carla which is cloth-like with the WIRE to take it. Use the wire on the battery like object to create a working circuit.

Leave the power source and walk to the right twice. There’s Carla! Use the circuit on the protective shield to get her out. Walk to the left three times to reach the escape pod. Look at the pipe to see what Doomy wrote to himself. Use  the controls and you’ll be asked for a username. Enter Doomy and press enter. Then you need the password. What was the favorite hobby of Doomy? Enter MURDER as password. The pod releases and now you have to wait untill you land on the next planet.

Walk to the south but beware: Jake is there and trying to kill you. Take the uzi from your inventory and shoot Jake before he shoots you. Then you can walk further to the south. Follow the stepping stones between the two fountains to the right untill you’ll recognise where you are. Together you’ll walk to Wallace. But since you haven’t got a metal block, you can’t pass. Talk to Wallace again and tell him you talked to Spacetron.

Spacetron will tell you to to ask Wallace about the other way. Ask Wallace about the other way. He’ll send you to the tower in the north to take some challenges. He gives you the KEY to enter the tower. Carla stays behind. Walk to the north. On the left of the force field is a slot. Use the key on it and you’ll hear a sequence of noises. The cubes make the same noises and you should repeat it in the same order.

Number the cubes from 1 to 3 from left to right and press them in the order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 3. You’ll be taken to the next challenge.  You’ll see a circle flashing. The order it flashes is: right, left, south, north and center. Walk in the same directions to the circles and you’ll go to the next world. You’ll get a METAL CUBE and you go back to the forcefield you started. Walk to the south and use the cube on the plate. You can cross the bridge to the altar.

You the orbs (no matter which one) and you’ll return home. Time to get a beer. Sarah brings TWO BEER and you can have them if you get rid of the drunk hamster. Walk to the right and meet Jake again. He’s drunk so you need to sober him up a bit. Walk to the left and leave the bar. On the crossroads go to the lower left again and find a GIFT CARD on the ground. Since Cathy’s closed, walk to the south and on the crossroads go to the upper left. Use the gift card on the door of your own house.

Look at the stuff on your desk to find a new tin of instant COFFEE. Look at the computer (right click) to notice the GLASS and use the computer to pick it up. Walk to the left to find the tap. Use the tap to notice something is blocking the water. Use your uzi on the pipe to make the water flow again. Use the glass on the WATER to fill it up. Use the lighter on the cup to heat the water and use the instant coffee with the cup to make a nice cup of coffee for Jake. Walk to the right to leave your house and go right again to reach the crossroads. Walk to the lower right to enter the bar and give the coffee to Jake.

Back at your house you figure out what Ant is up to and the you’ll try to repair Carla’s space ship. Talk to Jake to tell him to knock it off and inspect the panel on the right side of the ship. You find a loose pipe and a plate that needs replaced. Walk to the south twice and look at the dumpster on the left. Use the sludge in the dumpster to return to Spacetron. He warns you about the sludge and gives you a magnetizing ORB that can also take you back to Spacetron if you want to. Use the RAM on the right to return to the dumpster.

Use the dumpster again and use the orb on the sludge to get a TAPE MEASURE f rom it. Walk to the left and on the spiral go to the north to a separate platform. There you’ll find Mike. Talk to him, athough invisible and ask for his WRENCH. He’ll give it to you. Walk to the north and then back to the spaceship. Use the tape measure on the panel to get the sizes of the plate. Jake will write down the SPECS. Use the wrench on the panel to repair the pipe.

Look at the orb and travel to Spacetron. On the left of the circuit board is now a processor. Look at it and talk to Spacetron about it. It can make metal things. Ask for a metal with specific measurements and Spacetron will ask for the specs. Give him the specs and he’ll make a metal PLATE. Use the RAM on the right to return to the dumpster. Walk to the left and back to the spaceship. Use the plate on the panel of the spaceship and you’re ready to go.

You’re traveling to Carla’s planet. Give her the jewel, the paper and a beer. Walk to the square on the ground and you’re teleported from the ship to discover the area. Walk to the north to see there’s no way to get to the president. Then walk to the south and you’ll meet John Boy again. In the chamber of music you have to get the right noises again but after you’ve heard them, the glyphs turn around. That means you should play them backwards. To play the right sequence, use cube #1, cube #3 and cube #5. Then use the red thingy on the right to travel to the next part.

The second part has four glyphs and you have two items in your inventory. Use the square on glyph #2 and use the circle on glyph #4. Now you’ll meet Doomy. He’ll get you in a coma and puts you in a cell. Next to you is a droid making sure you don’t escape. Talk to the droid. Tell him it’s stupid and he’ll move closer for a moment and then returns. While he’s close, look at him and see that it’s very shiny. You now realise you still have the GUM in your mouth. Talk to the droid again to make him come closer and then use the gum on the droid.

The droid is destroyed so walk through the hole on the right. Walk to the left and on the supply platform take your UZI, a bottle of GLUE and another METAL BLOCK. Walk further to the left to find another droid. Use the block on the droid to destruct him. Use the robot to get your TONGUE back and take the SHELL from the ground. Use the glue on your tongue and you can talk normal again. Walk to the south and to the right and to the left of the green door is a console. Use it and you can open the door.

Walk through the black hole in the back and you’ll be in a room with barrels. There are some full ones on a track. Use the glue on the barrels to stick them together and use the hatch on the right to go to the next room. Here you’ll meet Doomy and Carla again. There’s two ways to end this:

1: Use the walker on the left. This will kill Doomy but also Carla.

2: Use the uzi and shoot the shrinker on the right. This will shrink Doomy so he’s small enough for you to eat him. When you’re at the spaceship ready to go home, you find that the coordinates are missing. Use the computer and try to decrypt the coordinates. Use the help to see what’s wrong. You need to reset the computer first.

Use the lights above John Boy and look at the switches on the right. Press them all down, then all up again. Leave the lights and use the computer again. Select the decryption of the coordinates and you’re on your way.

When you’re with Spacetron on a platform, he’s holding you. He suggests you try to imagine things. Try a few and then try to imagine the heat gun. That’s too hot for Spacetron and will kill him.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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