The house is on fire. It’s the house of your friend Sam. And you can’t see him anywhere. You have to find out what happened. On the ground is a STICK. Pick it up and take it with you. Follow the path to the left.

There’s a STONE on the ground. Take it, although it’s heavy. You also find a wood shaping machine. Now since you have a piece of wood, try that on the machine. In goes a stick, out comes a handle.

Walk a bit further along the path. Look at the book depostit box. There are BOOK left behind about Dragons and a history BOOK. You might want to read them because there are some usefull tips in them. Walk further to the right and see where the footsteps are leading.

Waht a junk here. We need to clean it up a bit. There are NOTES on the ground next to the house and on top is a DISC. Take these. A bit to the left of it is an ancient NOTEBOOK. Not sure why you might use it, you just take it. Also pick up the METAL BAR. Let’s see what we can do with these things.


Read the note. It’s about the program on the disc. Use the disc with the laptop. Something from the list will be created and in this case it’s a bottle of GLUE. If you’ve read tip #1 from the history book, you’d have known that you could use glue and how to apply it. Use the metal bar on the stone to give the metal a sharp edge.

The creation of a knife is a bit tricky: use the metal bar on the glue. The use the glue on the handle and then use the handle on the metal bar. There’s your KNIFE! Walk to the right to see if you can find a dragon….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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