Go south from the egg you hatched from. Then fly to the right until you reach the lake. On the rocks is CHAIN. Take it. Fly further to the right across the lake until you meet the wizard. Below him is a stick on the ground. Take the STICK and talk to the wizard.

To find your mum and dad and all the other dragons you have to solve the riddle of the dragon cave and find the crystal ball. Fly further to the right until you can see the dragon cave riddle on a shield on the wall. Use the shield to view the riddle. The question is: What’s the darker side of day. The answer must be night and you must select that by choosing the first letters of the pictures. So Needle, Island, Grass, Horst and Tower. You solved the riddle and received the CRYSTAL BALL.

Fly to the left until you’re at the wizard again. Give the ball to the wizard. He’ll tell you what to do next.

Chapter 1: Journey through the dark forest


Look at the tombstone on your right. It has no name on it. Fly to the right until you see a man with a scythe. Talk to the man. He’s waiting for Archibald. Until he’s dead or Mr. Death has proof Archibald is dead, he won’t leave. And you can only go further if Mr. Death leaves.

Fly back to the left to the tombstone and use the chain to carve in the stone. Fly back to the right again to Mr. Death and tell him about the tombstone. Show Mr. Death the stone and once convinced, he’ll be gone. Fly to the right.

You’ll meet and talk to two character, Johnny Wolf and Mad Rabbit, and when done talking, you can fly further to the right until you’re out of the Forest of Darkness and go into the Forest of Despair. A bee comes flying towards you and follows you. Fly further to the right until you reach a house and use the door. You can’t enter because the bee is following you. So you must get rid of that insect first.

Fly back to the left into the Forest of Darkness and visit Johnny Wolf and Mad Rabbit again. Talk to them and buy the INSECT SPRAY. As a first customer, you can have it for… free! Use the spray on the bee and it’ll bee (ahum) gone….

Fly again to the right, out of the Forest of Darkness, into the Forest of Despair and on the house use the door again. This time you may enter. The witch will welcome you and after you’ve told her about your quest she’ll tell you about the exit of the forrest and will give you a COMPASS. Use the door to leave the house.

Fly to the right and take the TELESCOPE leaning against the tree. Fly further to the right until you reach the signs. Right is return, left is exit. When you follow the road to the right, you start at the tombstone again and you have to fly through all forrests again. Use the compaww on the sign with exit and you’ll see the Dark Forest riddle. When you have nothing more to lose, think a again and read the …. news. With a compass below. Now, news is all directions so maybe that’s the order to use it. You can click on the arrows. Click on the arrows pointing up, right, left and down to solve the riddle. You can now follow the left path.

Chapter 2: Deep in the dark Dungeons of Minestrola

The guard will talk to you and tell you he’ll let no one enter the cave. Well… give him the chest and you can enter. Go to the first room (left most) on the north. Talk to the man and learn that your parents are behind the concrete door. Leave the room and use the middle one on the north. It’s Archibald! He likes it here but he’s missing his shoes. Talk to him and he’ll confirm the location of your parents. Take the MAGIC BOOK and leave again.

Fly to the left door on the south. In the corner is a large GARGOILE you can take with you. In the lower left corner is a lever. Pull the lever to reveal a hole in the ground but as soon as you release it, the lever pops back and the hole closes. Use the stick on the lever to block it.

Go through the hole and meet the impossible. Talk to him and ask about your parents. Look at the shoes and ask the imp about them. You may have the SHOES. Leave the hole again. Go to the door in the middle on the north and give the shoes to Archibald. As thanks you get a jar of JAM (with alcohol) in return. Leave Archibald and go to the door on the left.

Give the jar of jam to the troll and he will open the gate for you. Leave him and go to the right. A next set of doors appear. Go to the left door on the north and talk to the flying mouse. When he asks if you want to play you refuse. Leave the mouse and go to the door on the right on the north to meet Grumb Grumb. He’s also a dragon and he has studied the evil wizard and found a way to defeat him. He’ll teach you the trick.

Leave the dragon and go to the door on the lower right. Try to open door and find it locked. Go back to the door on the upper left. Talk to the flying mouse and ask for the key. You can only have it if you play with the mouse so accept his request to play.

The mouse plays I spy and you can ask three questions. The first one you ask doesn’t matter, the answer is no. The second one should either be: “Is it living?” or “Is it green?”. The answer will be yes. The third question doesn’t matter anymore because the answer will be no. Now to choose your final answer, choose the dragon. Because it’s right, you’ll receive the KEY.

Leave the mouse again and walk to the lower right door. Use the key on the door and enter the room. Very dark. On the left side you can see a crack. Use the crack to take a POTION out. Use the potion on the book in your inventory and you find out it’s a invisibility potion. Leave the room again and fly to the right exit of this part of the dungeon.

When you’re in front of the next guard, use the potion on yourself to become invisible. Now you can pass the guard easilly. You can enter the next part.

Chapter 3: The final fight

Use the wizard to start the fight. Now the trick is to answer his sentences, which you read from right to left, with answers from right to left.

1: “I will turn you into stone” is answered with “you will become rock too” (1st line)
2: “I will turn you into ice” is answered with “you will freeze your little but” (3rd line)
3: “Your face will be like mud” is answered with “not nearly as dirty as yours” (1st line)
4: “And your ears will be big as house” is answered with “it’s ok if I don’t have to listen to your crap” (4th line)

Your family will be released and you are reunited.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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