You’re a doctor and need to pick up some food around town. Something healthy and something of junk food.

Walk to the left and you’re in town. Go two houses to the right where the gas station is.  Talk to the shopkeeper and ask for healthy food. He refers you to the machine on the right. Use the machine and the shopkeeper will tell you about the instructions that got lost. On the left are loads of papers on the wall. Most of them just notes but the yellow one contains the instructions for the machine. Press the red button and you’ll get your VITAMIN PILL. Leave the station on the right.

Go one building to the right and step into the world of the pink bakery. Talk to the baker and he’ll tell you you can have a donut if you come up with a slogan. Leave the shop on the left and walk straight south to the house of Granny. On the wall is a nice BANNER. Take it to use it for the slogan. Talk to Granny and ask her about the machine. It’s for getting the nasty stuff out of cigarettes. Leave Granny and go to the garage left of it.

Ask the man about the can and he’ll tell you it contains beer. Tell him the more alcohol you drink, the less you live and he’ll give the BEER to you. Ask him about the cigarette and he’ll give you the CIGARETTE as well. Use the exit behind the man to go outside. Enter the Cosmo shop left of it.

Use the machine in the hallway and you’re asked to pick an option. Choose food and you’ll get a CELERY STICK. Leave the convention and enter the last building on the left: the fast food store. Talk to the lady behind the counter and ask for a napkin. Tell the lady that there’s fat dripping from the buffet. Take a NAPKIN from the counter and use it on the FAT on the floor. Leave the store on the left.

Walk all the way to the right on the bottom row and visit Granny again. Use the cigarette with the machine to take all the NICOTINE out. Leave Granny and walk north into the donut shop. Talk to the baker and tell about the slogan. When you ask, he’ll give you a DONUT.  Leave the shop on the left and walk to the boss’s house.

On the right side of the door there’s a little bit of green growing. Pick it up to take the CARROT out of the ground. Now you need to combine the ingredients. Use the donut, the beer, the greasy napkin and the nicotine. For the other food, use the pill, the carrot, the celery and the nicotine.  Use the door of the house to tell the boss you’re finished.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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