You’re looking for a new polytechnithingy and a bass guitar. How hard can that be?

Talk to Matt about everything. To make a new bass, he gives you a list of items, to learn the soul music you need to find the musicians, to use the amp you need a polytechnithingy. After the conversation you can see the whole city on the map (you can end by selecting “My new plan failed” followed by “I’d better go”).


Talk to the basketcase. You must find a whip.

Look at the sandpit to find a SYRINGE. Walk to the south to return to the map and goto the bridge.


Under the bridge you can take the FALSE TEETH. Talk to the clown and he’ll give you a MAGAZINE. In the pipe, next to Super Mario is a SCREWDRIVER. Walk to the right to return to the map.

Grandpa & Janna:

Take the SPIRIT LEVEL from the ground. Walk into the cave on the right. Take the Batman BELT. Look at it to get the FLASK. Use the syringe with the rock with cream on it to fill the syringe with CREAM. Leave the cave on the bottom center and walk to the left back to the map.

Carlo’s Cafe:

Give the false teeth to Carlo. In return he’ll give you a SPELL BOOK. Look at it and there’s only one page you can read. Leave the shop and go to the Monument.


Use the screwdriver to unscrew the Homer NAMEPLATE below the statue. Walk to the lower left to get to the post office. Use the rubbish bin to find an empty BOTTLE. Walk to the south and to the left to return to the map.

Coal shop:

There’s a hole in the window on the black wall. Use the hole in the window to get some WHITE POWDER out. On the right there’s a crossroads signpost that look very similar to the one in the spell book. Use the spellbook on the signpost and Baron Samedi will appear. Talk to him and ask for a polytechnithingy. He can help you but you need to bring an animal.

Walk to the right and talk to Nardo. He’s bored and might get rid of his yo-yo. Kick the dungeon master and on the ground are DICE. Take them. Give the spirit level to Nardo to get his YO-YO. Goto the gap in the gate next to the house the return to the map.


Go to the left and find the friendly bear sitting on the pickguard. In the tool shed you can find some SHEARS. Walk to the north, towards the river where you can find a Milk boat. Use the entrance hall and talk to Tilly. She wants to play a game of poker in return for the milk.

Use the elevator on the right and go upstairs. Talk to Larry and learn about the cards. You can have them if you have another game he can play. Give him the dice and you’ll get the playing CARDS. Walk to the right and use the doors. Give the cards to Tilly to play a game of poker.

To win the game (although the odds seem against it): Change one card at first, change 2 the second hand and what’s the chance of winning 3? Try your luck the final time and she’ll fold. After some handwork youv’e got your MILK. Use the doors on the right to see how Larry’s doing.

He forgot his SHOES so you take them. Use the doors on the right again to go downstairs and walk to the left. Walk to the south to return to the woods and go south again to leave the woods.

Natalino’s House:

You need to get the boot of the car open. It has an egyptian anti-theft device. Talk to Natalino and he’ll tell you he’s missing a bowling pin. Tell him he’s keeping in shape and he’ll start talking about bowling. Then you have to prove you’re from Alabama. Tell him you come home drunk every night and beat up your wife and you can borrow his BOWLING BALL. Walk to the right to leave.

House of the expert on capitals:

Take the BOOK “The Language of Capitalology” from the shelf. Bozo the clown is wearing a black TIE you can take. There’s a black blanket but can’t take it yet. Talk to the capitalologist to find out he’s an emo-boy. Leave the room on the left.

Football pitch:

Talk to Caio. He’s asleep. Taking the football will wake him up. Tell him you’re a player and you must prove it, so he’ll ask you three question about football:

– Who won the championship in ’55? Giant Blobs
– Who scored the winning goal in the final of the derby in 1994? The glass-eyed joker
– Who was the trainer? Colonel Max Terror

You now have the FOOTBALL. Follow the path to the north back to Dovadulo.


Walk to the right into the tunnel where you can see Madness. Look at the posters and find a CENSORING STRIP on one of them. Walk to the right to reach the bus stop.

Bus stop:

Talk to Mila and Cuba and give them the football. Follow them to the left and take the PEANUTS from the ground. Walk to the right back to the busstop and right again to see the map.


Go to Susezza and talk to him. He’ll give you a HAPPY SAUSAGE. Look at it in your inventory and notice the pigs foot looks like a CROWBAR. Walk up the stairs between the buildings to go to the fortification. There’s a mailbox with an envelope inside. Take the ENVELOPE and read it in your inventory. It’s approval for your membership with a MEMBERSHIP CARD.

Half way is the entrance to the back of the butcher shop. Jason is working there. Give the magazine to Jason and he’ll give you his MACHETE. Take the string of SAUSAGES from the counter.  Leave to the right and go south.


Talk to Matt again and discuss the band. Ask if there will be a new album soon and you’ll get a MUSIC CD. Walk to the right to go to the map.

Grandpa & Janna:

Use the machete on the CLIMBING PLANT against the wall. Go into the cave where Janna is.

Walk to the right and talk to the reverend in the cell. You need to show him you’re trustworthy so show him the membership card. He’ll give you the SWIPE CARD of his house. Go north up the stairs, south to leave the cave and left to return to the map.

Church gardens:

In the center are the gardens and near the tree is Aida. Go there and talk to her. She knows a quarter of the soul! It’s the harmony part. Use the shears on the RED ROSE. Walk to the right and on the south is the entrance to Don Crosta’s house. Use the swipe card on the front door to enter the house. He said about something switched off. Take the HAT from the wall to find the switch underneath. Use the switch to see the other side of Don. Use the music cd on the player on the left and a SURFBOARD will fall down. Pick it up and leave the house again.

Enter the church on the left and talk to Jake. He knows the freedom part of Soul. In order to get it you need a black suit, dark glasses and a dark hat. On the left is a candle holder. In the holder, against the fountain is one candle you can take. It’s actually a FLAMESHAPED LIGHT BULB. Tell the brothers that the beatles are here and you can get away with it.

Walk to the right twice to return to the map.

Car Park:

Talk to the officer and learn what was in the coal shop. He’s distracted by the wanted poster. Use the censoring strip on the wanted poster so you can take the GUN from his pocket. Walk to the right to leave.


Walk up the stairs to the fortification and use the gun on Luciano. He’ll empty his pockets. He’ll give you his WALLET and the RECEIPT. Look at the wallet to find a membership card for a bowling club and a membership card for a video rental. Use the wallet with the white powder to make it look like drugs. Walk to the south to get to the map and return to the car park.

Car Park:

Give the wallet to the police officer. He’ll leave and give you a POLICE DOG BADGE. Walk out of the street on the right.


Return to the fortification at the top of the stairs and find the POCKET MIRROR on the ground. Take it and go south to the square again.


There’s a parcel but the lady want’s to have a receipt first. Give the receipt to Felicina and you’ll get the PACKET. Use the packet in your inventory to find and ECCENTRIC OUTFIT. Use the bottle in the fountain to fill it with WATER.


Walk to the south and give the red rose to the emo-girl. Tell her it’s from Capitalologist. In return she give you a LOVE LETTER that you must return to him.

Use the pocket mirror on the coconut to let if fall out of the tree. Pick up the COCONUT.

Walk to the left and enter the bar.

Go to the right to go into the theatre. Talk to Cindy and hear that she wants her favorite coctail. In return she can give you a part of the melody. Walk back to the left and talk to Manny. He can give you the ingredients of a Tropico Domingo.

Talk to Manny. If you want him to go you should show him something where he can get some souls. Give him the peanuts and he’ll leave. Take his COCKTAIL.

Walk to the south, then to the left and on the map goto the house of the expert on capitals.

House of the expert on capitals:

Give the love letter to the capitalologist and he’s not interested. You get a NOTE to return to the eno-girl. Look at the note and slightly adjust it. Leave on the left and go back to the monument.

The monument:

Walk south again to the post office and give the note to the emo-girl. She’ll call capitalologist and must give her the sentences to say. Start with Professor Battertop. That’s the call capitalologist is waiting for. Then tell him about the convention and he’ll fall for it. When he asks where to wait tell him to go to any location. Emo girl’s hart will be broken and you get your ROSE back. Walk to the south, then left and goto the house of the expert on capitals.

House of the expert on capitals:

Take the 16th century CAPITAL from the desk. Leave the room and walk to the coal shop.

The Coal Shop:

Walk to the north where the woodworker is. Put the capital on the tree stump. Use the bowling ball on the window with tools and you can take the PINCERS and SAW out of the window. Use the saw on the capital to half it and take the HALF OF CAPITAL with you. Walk to the right to go to Dovadula.


Talk to the basket case again and challenge him. It’s a verbal challenge so

– against sweetheart.
– you went that far to deliver a pizza
– mine is made of saucages
– Pamela Anderson will save me.
– you have no faith?

This will win the contest and as a prize you get the GOLDEN WHIP.

Database Studios:

Use your phone on Pino. You send a fake message and Pino will get so upset that he drops his GLASSES. Pick them up.  Use the bottle of water from your inventory with the bottle next to Pino to change it into ENGERY WATER. Use the shears on Pino’s HAIR to cut some off. Leave the studio.


Walk to the left and walk to the waterfall. Use Pino’s hair on the plumbing and create a very wild stream. Matt is very thankfull and gives you the FAITH QUAVER. But you’ve also discovered an ancient temple behind the waterfall. A very large ancient idol is standing on ancient inscriptions. Use the book “Languages of Capitalology” on the inscription to translate it. Use the Homer nameplate on the gap between the inscriptions and the idol. You scared away the tourists and they left a CAMERA behind.

Sminko’s House:

Pick up the cushions from the couch to find a 5-Euro COIN. Take the MALLET from the other room. Talk to Sminkio. He’s got the polythechnithingy. On the right is a loincloth dispenser. Use the yoyo with the euro coin to make a contraption and use it on the dispenser to get the MANGO FLAVORED LOINCLOTH. Use the camera on Sminkio to take a PHOTO of him. Give him his own picture and you’ll get a PINATA.

Coal Shop:

Use the Spell Book on the signpost and Baron Samedi will appear. He asks for an animal so you give him the pinata. In return you get the POLYTECHNITHINGY.


Use the contraption on the condom machine and select a not too big, any type, papaya flavoured CONDOM.

Grandpa & Janna:

Enter Janna’s cave and use the surfboard with Janna. She won’t notice. Use the bottle with energy water on the surf/springboard and Janna will be catapulted away. Grandpa will enter to save Janna. Take the KEY hanging on the wall. Leave the cave.

Now that Grandpa is gone, you can take the SCEPTRE outside. Walk to the right to return to the map.

Church Gardens:

Enter the church where the Blues Brothers are waiting. You’re part of the band now and you get your FREEDOM QUAVER. Once outside, goto the flower gardens and give the key to Aida. She’ll give you the HARMONY QUAVER. Walk to the right twice to go to Dovadula.

Bus Stop:

Walk to the left to the accident in the tunnel.

Give the flame shaped lightbulb to Mila. He thinks it’s frozen light. In return you get PINEAPPLE HAIR GEL. On the right is the planewreck. Below Madness’ feet is a little window. Use the pig’s foot crowbar on the window to break it and reveal a CIRCUIT BOX. Pick it up.

Natalinio’s House:

Use the sceptre on the boot of the Peugeut 205. It’ll open and you can see a JACK. Take it out. Since the oilcan spilt the oil, it’s the perfect place to make a cocktail for Cindy. Put one of the items for the cocktail in the trunk and all others will go automatically (coctail from Manny, the milk, the bat hip flask, the sirynge with cream, the coconut, the gel from Mila, the condom and the mango flavored loincloth). Out comes a TROPICO DOMINGO.


Walk to the south to the post office then left to the bar and to the right into the theatre. Give the cocktail to Cindy. She’ll give you the PEACE QUAVER. When you return to the map the four quavers will turn into one SOUL MELODY.


Use the jack on the friendly bear to take the PICKGUARD from under him. Go to the boat and use the pincers with the clothes horse to take an IRON WIRE from it. Enter the boat and look at the strange plant next to the barn. Use the saw on the plant to take an ARM REST from it.

Returning to the map tells you that you have all the items for your bass so you can return to the waterfall.


Matt will make a BASE GUITAR for you. Walk back to the map and go to the cliff


Use the polythenchythingy with the amp.  Use the bass guiitar with the amp and the concert can start. It will reveal a new entrance.

Music Temple:

Walk to the organ and try to play it. You get a new assignment. You need to get blood, a bone, a skull, skin, poison and a soul.

In front of the organ are spikes. On the right side is Indiana Jones’ arm. Use the yo-yo contraption on the arm to take the COMPASS out. Use the compass with the peanuts in your inventory and give the peanuts to Sylvain. He’ll loose a tooth while eating. Pick up the TOOTH.

Talk to Sylvain about starving and he’ll give you a BANANA. Look at the pots in the lower right corner. The green one is filled with baby snakes. Use the banana on the green pot and the snakes will cover the BANANA WITH GOO. Use the shears on Sylvain to remove his grey HAIR.

Look at the busts. The lower one in the corner is of Elvis. Use your camera to take a PHOTO OF ELVIS. Look at the rose in your inventory to see it’s broken and you cut yourself leaving blood behind. Use the shears on the rose with your blood to keep the THORN WITH BLOOD. Use the machete with the police dog badge to get the BONE from the badge.

Use one of the items (bone, hair, tooth, thorn, photo or banana) on the empty red pot on the right and you’ll get a vial with the POTION OF PURITY. Use the potion on the organ and out comes a tune. It will rock…. litteraly.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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