Use the screen to start the game.

You have to find yourself a date for the dance tonight. Take the MONEY from your desk and use the door to leave the house. There’s mail is in the mailbox so pick up your JUNK MAIL and walk further to the left to meet Pam who’s waiting for her boyfriend to take her to the dance. Talk to her to find out what she’d do if her boyfriend wouldn’t show up. That gives you a motive.Ask her where he lives and you’re on your way.

Walk to the left to go into town and enter the flats on the right. Outside the apartment is a can with petrol. Could be used to blow up things. Use the junk mail with the petrol as a fuse and use the matches from your inventory to light it up. Quickly leave and tell Pam.

Now you need to get an expensive car. Walk to the left into town again. Walk all the way to the left to the gunshop. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask about a gun. Then ask about the man on the floor and ask his gun. You need to distract the shopkeeper. Tell him about the flying possum and he’s gone. Pick up the GUN from the floor. Now for the car.

Walk into the alley with the red carpet and use the door to enter the showroom. Talk to the salesman and tell him it’s a robbery. He’ll then tell you what you need for that. Leave the showroom and walk south. Enter the general store and talk to the shopkeeper. Ask him for a paper bag. He’ll tell you you need to buy something. Take the CIGARETTES from the right side of the front shelf and you’ll get a PAPER BAG as well.

Walk south to leave the shop and go into the alley with the carpet. Use the door to enter the showroom and when asked if you want to rob the store, say Yes. Your car will be delivered and you can take Pam to the dance. But once there, the police is after you.

Hiding in the toilets, use the plant to find a KEY. Use the key with the door on the left to go inside. Pick up the COSTUME from the floor  to leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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