You landed at the research station.

Talk to your colleague Billy on the right and he’ll inform you that the Lieutenant wants to see you. Use the pile of rubbish next to the beds to find your KEY and use the key on the trunk at the end of the bed to unlock it and find your ID TAG. Use the big blue door to leave the room.

Use the red door on the right to go to the hall and use the door to the right of the guard. You now enter the Lieutenants office. He’ll let you explore the planet if you can show him a gun, a radio and a health certificate. Leave the room by using the sigh to the right of the Lieutenant.

The guard is holding a pair of HANDCUFFS. Take them. Use the door left of the guard to enter the armory. Talk to the guard here and ask for a weapon. But he gives you a riddle you must solve first. Use the door again to leave and use the large red door on the right to return to the hall.

The door north won’t open unless you put your ID tag on the device left of the door. You can now enter the lab. Talk to the doctor and ask for a medical declaration. He can’t write one because he doesn’t have his glasses. Take the SLIDES from the table on the right and in your inventory combine the handcuffs with the slightly magnifying slides. Give the makeshift glasses to the doctor and he’ll give you a DECLARATION. Use the door on the left to leave the room and enter your sleeping quarters on the left.

Talk to Billy again and he’ll give you the answer to the riddle. Use the locker in the back of the room to find your RADIO. Leave the the room and use the door on the right. Use the door left of the guard to enter the armory and talk to the guard. Tell him the answer and he’ll give you a GUN.

Leave the room again and enter the office of the Lieutenant, right of the guard. Show him the gun, the radio and the certificate and he’ll give you permission to fly the mini-jet. Leave the office and look at the notice board on the right. The button in the middle of the three on the left will unlock the elevator doors so push it. The button below it will leave the board again.

Walk to the left and north and use the door on the left to enter the elevator taking you to the flight deck. Take the TOOLBOX from the floor and walk to the right. Walk further to the right and towards the mini-jet on the right. Use the handle on the right to enter the plane and watch the control panel. From the six buttons on the right, use the middle left one to see that there’s no fuel. Use the black button to exit the plane and the black panel on the left to leave.

Walk towards the freight carrier on the left and into the cargo hall. There are FUEL CANISTERS so take them. You can certainly use the fuel. Walk to the right twice to leave the plane and towards the mini-jet on the right. In your inventory look at the toolbox to find a FUNNEL and HOSE. Use them on the canisters and use the combination on the filler cap in the middle to fill the tank.

Use the handle on the right again to enter the plane and now you can leave. Push the upper right button from the six on the right to start the engine. Then use the one on the lower left to ask for clearance and permission to take off. You’ll get instructions about the waypoints and when to scan the area.

When you’ve reached the first area, push the middle right button to scan the area. When that’s complete and you’re requested to fly to the next area, push the big blue button and wait for arrival in area 2. Again push the button on the middle right to scan the area. When that’s done, push the big blue button to proceed to area 3. Scan the area again using the button on the middle right and then go to the fourth area with the big blue button.

You’ll be attacked by large birds. No matter what you do, you’ll crash. The get out push the large black button but then some large rodents show up. Use your gun to get rid of them and then leave the ship. Walk to the right and at the intersection take the path south. There’s a man sleeping but next to him is an AXE. Take it and return to the crossing by walking left. Now take the path north and see that the bridge is damage. Next to the gorge is a tree. Use the axe on the tree to but it and use it as bridge. Use the tree to get across and enter a maze in the cave.

Find your way to the exit on the lower right. Walk south and talk to the guards next to the gate. Ask them for help getting back to your station. They’ll send you to the witch who should be able to help but before you can see her you need to find a little boy that got lost in the caves. Walk to the left and enter the cave again. Search all paths, also the ones not leading to the exit until you find a room with a large rodent. Use your gun on the animal and discover a little boy behind him.

Take the BOY and leave the cave on the lower right. Follow the path south and give the boy to the guards. Talk to the leader of the guards and he’ll tell you to go to the witch in the tent. Enter the tent and talk to the witch. She’s beautiful. She’ll give you valuable information about the future of the planets. She wants you to radio the information to the Lieutenant but your radio is dead and needs a battery. She’ll tell you where to find one but can’t access the building. She’ll give you a KEY of the storage room next to the tent. Leave the tent and use the key on the lock of the buolding next to it.

There’s a dead invader on the floor. Look at him and find a KEYCARD on his shoulder. Take it and leave the intruder and storage room. Walk to the left twice and follow the path north to the right of the cave. Use the keycard on the reader next to the door to enter the building. There’s a huge generator to power your radio but it’s not working. Use the toolkit on the panel on the right to fix it and then use the radio on the panel to call the Lieutenant.

When you’re ready to leave and want to take Alice with you, she’s being attacked by an intruder. Use your gun on him to shoot him and save Alice.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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