You’re in a dungeon… alone with Don Knotts. Your sandwich fled the scene. Take the ROOT from the wall on the left and use it to get the box from behind the window. Inside is a LIGHTER. Use the lighter on the wet straw to get rid of Don. Oh well… if all was that easy. Use the door on the right to get out.

Look at the mower. Time to cut the straw so you can get to that evil building. But the mower is out of gas. There is a SCREWDRIVER on top. Look at the toolbox to the right of the door. It’s locked. Use the screwdriver on the box to unscrew the hinges and take the MAGNET, AXE and ROPE out. Walk to the right.

The shed is barred from the inside with a beam. Use the axe on the shack to destroy the beam on the inside. You can now peek inside and take the GAS CAN and a BOOK out.

Look at the river. It’s very dirty. A garbage can is floating in it but you just can’t reach it. Use the rope on the magnet in your inventory and use the two together on the GARBAGE CAN to get it out. Walk back to the left and use the gas can on the lawnmower so you can get rid of that evil hay and enter the evil house. Use the door to go in.


Inside you meet Don Knotts again. Use your garbage can on the dressing room to step into the can as armor. The only way to defeat a real evil opponent.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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