Your master has lost his body so you need to get him a new one! Pick up the COMB from the floor and use it on the timetravel door. Now that it’s unlocked you can go somewhere.

In the timetraveler, use the second from the left. The man is already dead so we don’t have to concern about him. On the floor in front of the man is a HAMMER. Pick it up. Also take the INNER TUBE from the wall and take the GRABBER from the other side of the timetraveler. Go through the door on the right.

The gangsters behind the door dropped the key. When you enter the door you can see the key downstairs and you can use the extendable grabber to grab it. Take the KEY and use it on the third door from the left. Behind it was a bag of FLOUR. Leave the factory through the door on the left and use the timetraveler.

Select the window on the left. You’re in some kind of prehistoric age. The man standing there wants to poke you with the stick. Use the inner tube on the timetraveler which looks like a giant slingshot. Pick up the ROCK from the ground and use it on the slingshot. The man will be hit in the head. Pick up his STICK and walk to the left. In the river is a big gob of TAR. Pick it up and walk back to the south, then use the timetraveler to go back to the factory (second window from the left).


Use the door to enter the factory and use the second door from the left. On the left are a lot of bottles. Use the bottles to empty them (hic) and take the WORMS from the bottom. When you look at the gob of tar you can see there’s something inside. Use the gob on the tanks of solvent on the right to dissolve the tar and take the DINO out. Leave the room, leave the factory through the door on the left and use the timetraveler to go back to the prehistoric age, the left window.

Walk to the left and use the dino on the tree so it falls over. Use the tree to cross the stream of tar and meet mother dino. She’s hungry. After you give her the worms you can take the EGG from her.

Walk back to the south twice then use the timetraveler to go to the third window from the left, the yet unknown. You’ll find a demon to slay here. Use the stick from the caveman on the demon and use the hammer from the dead man on the window to create some light. One demon less.

Use the window to climb out and get onto the roof. Take the TV CABLE to use as a rope and use the hammer again on the skylight to open it. Use the cable on the skylight to lower yourself. There’s some trouble downstairs but the lightning will take care of that. You quickly grab the holy YEAST and leave the place.

Use the timetraveler to return to the present, fourth window from the left, and the ingredients will create a new body for your master. Another quest finished.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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