You must rescue town. You have to get rid of all the zombies. One thing is not to shoot all of them, you can run faster anyway. Walk to the right until you’ve reached the end of the bridge and the buildings begin.

Enter the shop and talk to the shopkeeper there. He’ll tell you about Paul on his way out of town and who can tell you more about the zombies and how to get rid of them. So now you must catch up with Paul.

Leave the shop and walk to the left onto the bridge until you find Paul. Kill the zombies around him to rescue him.

Paul will tell you more about the zombies and give you the key to the hotel. Walk back to the right, off the bridge and enter the hotel this time. There’s one super demon. Kill him twice and beware of the gas….

Now go to the alley. The gate is unlocked but it won’t open very far. Not far enough for you to get through. So you’ll go to the shop and get the monkey. The monkey will be able to get through the crack.

As monkey walk straight ahead, towards the sound of the chainsaw. At the end of the street, at the intersection, you’ll meet the demon again, with chainsaw this time. Shoot away and kill the monster. Once done, Bert will show up again, thanking the monkey. Some thanks!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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