You must get rid of all those deamons in order to reach the reverend. There’s one guarding the front door. Use your holy water to blind the devil and you can enter the buidling.

In the hallway, walk to the right to the elevator. Looking at the panel there are a lot of buttons, only one does work: the strange object at the bottom. Use it to get the elevator to work.

Another deamon, casting a spell on you. You must be quick. Use your crosbow on the demon to kill it and follow your way to the right. You’ll get into another room where you can see a coffin, an alter and a bookcase. Only the coffin is interesting because when you use it, it appears to be a door to another room.

The reverend is here. And she wants to cast another spell on you. So she made you kill those deamons because they had no use to her anymore.


Defeat her by using the holy book on her and step into the pentagram. You’ll sacrifice yourself and she’ll have no answer to that.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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