You need to get an animal for testing.

Once outside, talk to the clown about his profession. Talk about the balloons and ask for one. If you keep persistent, you’ll eventually will get a BALLOON. Talk some more about the fact that he looks tired. He’d love to have a cup of coffee. Look at the bush. It’s in a patch of dirt. Read the warning sign in the grass. In your inventory use the balloon with the key and use the combination on the  grassy area. Now you have a STRING.  Take the patch of dirt to take some MUD and walk to the right.

There’s your animal! But now you need to get one of them with you. They’re well protected. Talk to the kid and learn that he’s bored. That could be your chance to get a sheep. Look at the window behind the kid to see a bottle of booze. Use the mud on the kid to distract him for a moment and quickly use the window to take the BOURBON from it. Go back to the left and go north, back to the house of the Doctor.

Use the big pot next to the door to get the CUP from it. Use the cup with the coffee machine on the flux capacitor to fill it with COFFEE. Look at the little gap between the flux capacitor and Doc’s machine. There’s something. Take the RULER from the desk and use the ruler on the gap to get the PING PONG BAT out.

Leave the dungeon through the doorway on the left. Back at the clown, use the bourbon and the coffee in your inventory and give the spiked drink to the clown. He’ll drop the cup, the balloons and his nose. Pick up the nose and walk to the right. In your inventory use the nose, the string and the ping pong bat to create a TOY. Give the toy to the kid and he’ll be happy to let you take a sheep.

Take a SHEEP from the meadow and walk left to the crossroads. Then north back to Doc’s place. Use the sheep on Doc’s machine and watch his experiment. It fails so you have to get another sheep. At the crossroads walk south to see Bella. But she’s not home and your cellphone can’t get through. So back to Doc to use his landline. Walk north to Doc’s place and tell him about the phone.

Talk to Belle to come up with a plan. Then talk to the Doc to tell him to consider reconfiguring his machine. He’ll think about it and you’ll open the door of the machine. As soon as he’s inside, kick the door and he’s trapped.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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