You’re in a living room and Sue Ellen is on the couch.

GO EAST to the entryway and GO NORTH onto the patio. TAKE SUNGLASSES and GO NORTH to the barn. There’s an owl in the tree and when you GIVE SUNGLASSES you have an owl who can see better. ENTER BARN where you’ll find a giant rat. DROP OWL end you’ll be rid of the owl and the rat.

TAKE SHOVEL from the wall and GO SOUTH back outside. GO SOUTH again to the patio and GO SOUTH once more back to the entryway. TAKE ENVELOPE and LOOK ENVELOPE to see it contains two tickets for a football game. GO WEST back into the living room and TAKE BUGLE.

GO WEST into the pasture where you’ll find cattle. WAIT and WAIT longer until the thunderstorm arrives and then BLOW BUGLE. The restless cattle will calm down and reveal something on the ground. DIG to find something and when you LOOK you’ll see it’s a tombstone. READ TOMBSTONE to see some clues on how to traverse the wheat field.

GO EAST into the living room and DROP MONEY. Then GO NORTH into the den and OPEN DESK. There’s a pouch in there so TAKE POUCH, then OPEN POUCH and LOOK POUCH to discover the tobacco. CLOSE POUCH again and GO NORTH into the wheat field. GO NORTH again and GO WEST. It looks like you’re lost. GO WEST again and GO NORTH to reach an airstrip. LOOK PLANE to find Ray Krebbs here. LOOK RAY to see he’s quiet a football fan.  GIVE ENVELOPE to Ray and he’ll fly you to South America.

There’s a knapsack on the plane. TAKE KNAPSACK and OPEN KNAPSACK then LOOK KNAPSACK. There’s a parachute in there. DROP RING and TAKE PARACHUTE. Now CLOSE KNAPSACK and JUMP. You’ll land in a tree with a monkey and a jaguar next to you.

OPEN POUCH and GIVE TOBACCO to the monkey. The monkey will untangle your parachute in return. You’re now in a jungle clearing. CLOSE POUCH and GO SOUTH onto the jungle path. GO SOUTH again to find a parrot. LOOK VINE to see it change and LOOK again to see it’s not a vine but a huge anaconda. TICKLE ANACONDA to free your path south. GO SOUTH to follow the jungle path.

GO SOUTH again to reach the riverbank where you’ll find a boat. ENTER BOAT to discover there’s a massive hole in it. OPEN POUCH and GIVE TOBACCO to the monkey who will plug the hole for you. CLOSE POUCH and ROW BOAT down the river.

A herd of hippos attack the boat and to get rid of them BLOW BUGLE. It worked before so…. this time the giant turtle will come to your rescue. READ SIGN of the village and ENTER POST. Inside, the monkey has to help again so OPEN POUCH and GIVE TOBACCO to the monkey who will reveal a trapdoor with ladder leading down.

CLOSE POUCH and LOOK LADDER. Let’s hope it’ll hold. To make carrying easier, OPEN KNAPSACK and DROP POUCH. Then DROP PHOTO and DROP SHOVEL into the knapsack. TAKE SUSPENDERS from the knapsack and TAKE ROPE.  From the wall TAKE MIRROR and DROP MIRROR into the knapsack. Finally, CLOSE KNAPSACK and DROP ALL.  Now PULL CURTAIN and LOOK to reveal a flashlight.

TAKE LIGHT and CLIMB LADDER. Wow, that’s dark. LIGHT LIGHT and READ SIGN. So there’s a beach to the east. DROP LIGHT and GO EAST to see the entrance of the post again. ENTER POST and TAKE KNAPSACK. Then CLIMB LADDER again.

TAKE LIGHT and GO WEST into the cannibal village. UNLIGHT LIGHT to save batteries and OPEN KNAPSACK. From it TAKE PHOTO and SHOW PHOTO to the chief. He’s impressed but wants you to prove your courage. This fails and you’re take to a crossroad. TAKE COCONUTS and  READ SIGN to decide to GO WEST to the vulture’s nest. TAKE POUCH from the knapsack and OPEN POUCH. Then GIVE TOBACCO to the monkey and while the monkey is distracting the vulture, you can swap the eggs with the coconuts.

GIVE EGGS to the chief and now he wants to see the ring. TAKE MIRROR from the knapsack and GIVE MIRROR to the monkey. Now you’ll see the true nature of the chief. No wonder he knew about the ring. But now the natives are angry at you.

TAKE RING from the knapsack and WAVE RING in front of the natives. They’ll take you to a cave. There’s a massive spider here. HEAT EGGS on the flickering torch and this will take care of the spider. With the torch and the spider gone, LIGHT LIGHT to be able to see in the cave. There’s a massive statue in front of you. DROP RING to activate the statue and make it drop something on the floor. LOOK FLOOR to see it’s a map.

TAKE MAP but you don’t get a chance to look at it. It’s J.R. again. He wants to buy the map from you. When asked whether you want to accept the offer, answer NO. Suddenly you’re back in the living room at Southfork Ranch. GIVE MAP to Sue Ellen to receive your reward.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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