Space Station:

You’re on your way to Pitla to continue the mission. Walk to the right and enter the hall. There’s a security bot nagging that you’re an intruder while you have your ID card with you. Strange.. Let’s try to get rid of that stupid bot first. Walk to the left, behind the door you entered. There’s a panel that sets the magnetic field intensity. Set the level to Extra High and the mode to MGN (Magnetic).

Walk back to where you came from, to the left over the catwalk to the left and at the bridge go south. Walk to the right to the captains office and in front of that is a magnetic field on the floor. Walk towards the intercom and wait for the bot to hover the magnetic field. Since it’s extra high, it will break down (18/18).

Walk back to the left, over the bridge and all the way to the right, back to the hall. Take a look at the wall with the map of the Rhomul Solar System. Take a closer look (3/21). Since you’re on your way to Pitla, look at it and note it’s coordinates’ mask.


Leave the map and walk to the right, behind the door to the elevator. Next to it is Nia. Talk to her and she’ll tell you about the ID card update (4/25). Talk to her some more and make a compliment (3/28). Take the elevator down to the bar and look around. Near the bar is a trashcan. Always nice to look in it. There’s a poem in it. Someone didn’t like his own writing. Look at the first letter of each line. It spells Nia Uvo.

Talk to the man writing at the bar. It’s Jan but he wants you to leave him (5/33). He’s too busy with his muse (He’s the JG of the poem, Nia is the muse?). Talk to the group on the far right about upgrading the space station (10/43).

Next to the bar is an arcade machine. Play it and win it to receive a CERTIFICATE (20/63). Walk to the left and talk to the worried man standing alone. He needs a gift for his nephew but the shop is closed. Give him the certificate. In return you’ll get a bottle of RADIOACTIVITY BLOCK SPRAY (20/83).

Walk all the way to the right, through the door to the balcony. Walk to the left and enter the door there. Here are the living quarters. On the floor is Kohen busy. Talk to him. His scanner is picking up on something. Tell him you’ll look for something unusual (2/85). Show him the block spray and he tell you how it can be used (4/89).

Walk back through the door again and outside look above the door on the left. There’s something that doesn’t belong there (10/99). Go back inside and talk to Kohen again. He’ll send you off to the security room and he’ll distract the spybot (5/104). You’ll walk automatically to the security console but since you don’t have the password and Kohen wouldn’t give it, you’ll have to guess. Now the password was set by Jan. So could the password be the muse? Enter niauvo as the password and access is granted (24/128). The database is set to safe and the spybot is harmless now. Look at the computer and the power generator to see if evrything is ok, but it’s out of your competence (4/132). Look at the walls to see that they remind you of the good old days (1/133).

Walk back to Kohen: south twice and to the right. He’s gone but left his ID card. Pick it up and look at the back. There are the new codes for your location. Since you’ve noted the mask-id of Pitla, translate it to the correct coordinates: line 2, 9th digit (1), line 5, 14th digit (1), line 3, 20th digit (7) and line 1, 17th digit (6).

Walk through the door and look at the spot you saw the spy bot before. Kohen is now repairing it (2/135). Walk further south and enter the RaED bar again. Leave the bar on the left and go back upstairs again. Walk to the right and find a shuttle there. It’s captain Hurghatha’s shuttle. Use it to get inside. Use the radioactivity block spray module on the right side of the dashboard (10/145). Then use the keyboard on the left in your shuttle to set to destination coordinates. Let’s go to Pitla: 1176. Then pull the red lever in the middle to fly there (30/175).

Anteelan Border Police Department:

Walk to the man standing next to the stove on the right. Look at the man, he’s not happy (4/179). Try to talk and he won’t answer. On the pilar is a sign. Read it (3/182). It says that the station is closed. Walk to the police officer. Talk to him and ask him for a vignette. It’s not possible. The other man is waiting for 9 hours already.

Ask the policeman for the name of the kidnapped brother. It’s Vendor…. Ven! He’s the guy from the sand cage you met before. Tell the man next to the stove the news and where to find his brother. You’ll get his VIGNETTE, he’ll get another as soon as the office is open again (10/192). Leave the department and head for Pitla. There will be a meteor shower on your way [SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE DEPARTMENT]. When you manage to avoid the meteors you’ll reach Pitla safely (8/200).


You have to find someone who can confirm your arrival. Use the ladder to climb down. Take a look around. Look at the air vent on your right (2/202). On the pole that the ladder is attached to is a BLUE LIGHT for emergency purposes. Take it (10/212). Walk into the tunnel. The security bot stops you and asks you to return the lamp. Walk back to the pole and return the lamp to the pole. The enter the tunnel again and this time you can pass.

Walk to the left and find three tunnels. Two (A and B) are guarded by a bot and the third (without any sign) is accessible. Walk in but return right away because it’s too dark. If only you had a light. Walk to the left, all way round, and find the entrance of a game hall. Next to the entrance is a trash can. Look inside and find a broken HELMET (10/222). Take it. Enter the game hall. It’s pretty empty. Look at the poles. On one of them on the right is a rope. But you can’t get the know out with your bare hands. So use your knife on the ROPE to take it with you (5/227). Leave the game hall again and walk further to the left. You can see a machine here and notice the vent is open (2/229).

Walk back to the south and right and go to the guard. Talk to the robot and he’ll tell you that someone will be there shortly (5/234). Just wait… Not. Walk to the south and to the right and leave the building again. Pick up the BLUE LIGHT from the pole and use it in your inventory with the broken helmet. Then tie the rope to the helmet and use that construction on the vent shaft on the right. Lower your lamp (30/264).

Walk through the tunnel again and walk all the way back till the end where the ventilation machine was. In front of it is your light and helmet and rope. Pick them up again (5/269). Walk to the south and to the right and then return to the tunnel with no name. Enter the tunnel and since you’ve got your light, you can enter now (5/274).

On the wall is a cleaners uniform. Inside the uniform you find a GUN (10/284). The toolbox is locked and can’t be opened. As soon as you try to leave the tunnel, a torpedo made the building tremble and you’re hanging on the edge now. Use your helmet to protect you from a nasty fall (11/295) and although it hurts, you survive.

Look at the centre screen to get a view of the current status (5/300). Then use the keyboard below the screen to raise the door of the cryogenic chamber. You can use the pod to leave the station (10/310).


You have to find some water and food otherwise you’ll starve. Food you already have! Use your knife on the egg to remove the ink seal (5/315) and use the egg on yourself to eat it (5/320). Use your knife on the stone to sharpen it (5/325). Now for a drink. Walk to the right when standing next to the pod. You can walk between the hills there. Then, when you can see the bamboo stems, use the knife to cut off one of the STEMs (5/330) and walk behind them to the right. Right in front of you you can see a little hole in the mountain. You can see the water there but you just can’t reach it (2/332). Use the bamboo stem on the hole in the mountain to drink the water through (8/337).

From here walk to the left. You can walk between the hills and you’ll get to a more open space. You’ll see a dead alien (10/347) and a not too friendly bug. Check out the alien and find a LOCATOR device. Pick it up (5/352) and make sure the crab doesn’t reach you.

Walk back to the right and go south from there. At the bamboo plant go south again and walk in front of your space shuttle to the left. There you will find a small bush. Look at it (2/354) and hide behind it. Stay there until the crab is confused and wanders off (6/360). Walk to the left twice, then to the north on the right side of the screen, behind the mountains a bit to the left. You suddenly can see a pathway behind there. Suddenly you can see a glowing bush. Take one of the GLOWING PEARLS from it (5/365).

Go back the way you came, at the lower right part. Then go right again. You’ve been here before and you need to right again, but this time above the three lumps on the right of the screen. You’ll then be again where you hid from the crab but now behind the mountain. Keep walking to the right.

Then you’ll get to a monocular. Take a closer look and see a tree and a diamond like object. The center of the lens is a bit off. Use the monocular to adjust it but it’s stuck. Next to the telelens is a bag. Use it to take the TRANSLATOR and the LIGHT ACCELERATOR out (5/370). The translator is on already and the light accelerator needs a light source. Use the glowing pearl on the accelerator (10/380) and you have a light source.

Walk back to the left twice and go south at the small vulcano. From there go to the left. You can see some kind of entrance now. Go there and it’s a good thing you have your light. Go throught the small passage (5/385) and enter the cave. Walk to the left to find a trans gate. On the tank wall is a small window and there are GLOVES hanging on it (5/390). Take them and take the slope to the entrance of the gate. Pull the switch to the right of the gate to activate it and then step through the gate.

Take a look at the spaceship and you’ll automatically take a closer look. You take a look at one of the landing legs. Look at the pirate sign (3/393). Doesn’t mean any good. There’s a crack in the shield and you can see the wires coming through. Use your knife to cut the wires (10/403). The indicator light will go out and you can walk back to the trans gate. Walk through the trans gate and through the cave to the right back to the outside world.

Walk to the right twice. Then around the vulcano to the left. Use the indicator here and listen to the beeps. Walk to the left again. Listen again to the indicator. It’s beeping faster. There must be something different here. Walk to the center of the screen and use the indicator again to see the unusual: an elevator comes down. You step onto the elevator and it’ll bring you to the top of the eminence (5/408).

Walk to the left and meet another lifeform. Not very friendly at first and a good thing you have that translator because now you can tell the man that you’re unarmed. You have to get into the building. Inside you can see a terminal. Look at the terminal. At first sight a mess of characters. But there are some words you can distinguish. Look at “give them the koordinates of Ayatolia” (5/413). You need to go to the man.

He heard you about the prisoner and the man you met before. Then he’s asking for the coordinates. You must have them somewhere. Look at the vignette ticket in your inventory. There are some coordinates, including of Ayatolia. Give the vignette to Silia (7/420). You ask to come to and the man can use a navigator. He’ll give you a MAP and together you leave in his shuttle.


Silia will scan for lifeforms and you’ll have to wait. Talk to the man. Ask about his gender. Then give him your gun and ask if he has a charger. He hasn’t but you can have his GUN (5/425). All of a sudden Silia will find seven invaders. You need to go over to the hills and shoot them when you see them. Don’t hesitate. Shoot them all, except 1 (6/431).

The leader will be captured and brainwashed. You can explain all to the Federation (4/435). You rest now and tell everything in detail later (5/440). Then you can find a sun…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  4. 1: At the time of discovery you think it’s strange. Not until you talk to Nia you know the cards have been updated.

    2: Thanks! Changed it. Must have been a slip up in my notes… 8-(

  5. 1. “There’s a security bot nagging that you’re an intruder while you have your ID card with you. Strange..”

    It’s not strange! You miss the last card update on the Radion Space Station because of your adventures in the 1st part of the game. That why the bot recognizes you as intruder.

    2. The poem 1st letters spells not Nia Evu. It’s Nia Uvo. the password is niauvo

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