You need to find a way to hurt yourself so you can get compensation.

Take the MAGAZINE standing next to the TV and use the carpet to find a NAIL under it.  Open your inventory and use the map on yourself. Go to the DIY shop. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask for any tools. He has an expensive chainsaw. Ask for anything cheaper and then he tells you about the hammer.

Tell him about Michael Jackson on the right and as soon as he looks to the right, take the HAMMER from the wall. Walk to the right, talk to the man again and mention Michael Jackson again. This time on the left and as he looks away you can take the LIGHTER.  Look at the poster on the wall to learn the phone number for the injury claims.

Use the map on yourself again and select the fireworks shop. Inside talk to the man and he’s only prepared to sell you fireworks, not give away. Use the lighter on a box with fireworks and you can take a piece of FIREWORKS with you. Use the map on yourself and go to the post office.


Use the phone on the wall and dial 01512 and learn the you need three injuries before you can make a claim. Leave the phone and talk to the man behind the counter. In your inventory use the nail with the magazine and use the magazine on the wall left of the shop keeper. Use the hammer on the magazine to nail it good on the wall. The shop keeper is distracted now. Walk to the right and use the right most orange book on the top shelf to remove the bookcase and reveal the secret door behind it.

Use the door and use the postbag on the right several times until you find some MONEY. Use the map on yourself and select the DIY shop. Give the money to the man behind the counter to buy the CHAINSAW. Time for some injuries. Use the map and select your own home in the middle.

The camera is set up so you can start hurting yourself: use the hammer on yourself, use the fireworks on yourself and use the chainsaw on yourself. Use the map on yourself and select the post office again. Use the phone, dial 01512 and tell the claims department you have the evidence. A parcel will be send to your address. Use the map to go to your house and Joey will give you the parcel and the tape.

Use the map again and return to the post office. Use the tape with the parcel and give the parcel to the man behind the desk to send the parcel. You’ll go home and receive your compensation a few days later.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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