You’re standing in the bunker room of your squadron. There’s not much to see or do at the moment so check outside. Bunker room 2b is locked. To the left of your door is a panel. You can’t open it with your bare hands.

Walk further to the left. There’s the door to the mess hall. Enter it and and find more emptyness. You can see another door but it’s closed. Leave the mess and go back to the right and enter your own room again.  As soon as you enter, you meet Maria, Commander. You don’t want to play along so you’ll think of an excuse to leave.

Enter the room again. No more Maria. Check out the lockers. The one a the bottom is of the commander. Open the locker and look inside (3/3). Maybe you can find a reason for her behaviour. In the locker you can find a number of things: five pictures on the door. Look at them all and read the notes on the back. On the books at the bottom is a KNIFE. Take it (2/5). On the top shelf is a flat soda carton.

Leave the locker and think about it all. Time to get some sleep. Use one of the beds on the left to get some sleep (2/7). More dreams.

When you’re up again, leave the bunker room and go back to the panel in the hall. Take a look again. There’s a secret latch that you can use to open the panel (2/9). But other than that, not much of interest. Walk further to the left and enter the mess hall again. Meet Ed.

Talk to Ed and learn about his desire. He’ll give you a KNIFE (4/13). It’s a similar one like Maria’s. Ed will leave again. Use the door on the south to go back to the hall. Walk back to the panel. In your inventory use the two knives together (1/14). Then use the combination on the panel (2/16). That’s a shocking effect!

Walk back to the left and enter the mess hall (1/17). Go to the door in the back and open it (1/18). Time to talk to command and control.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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