Talk to Alice in red on the left. She can tell you what’s wrong with everyone.

Walk to the boy, Anthony, sitting in front of the TV. Talk to him. Very distracted by that machine. Take the mysterious machine, which is a XCASE 5000 from below the TV. That will get his attention. Left of the TV is a shelf. Use it to take a CD out. Walk further to the left and talk to the crying girl, Jane.

She’ll tell you why she is sad. Only one solution. Use the Xcase 5000 on her to let her stop. Walk all the way to the right and talk to the girl sitting on the chair. She’ll tell you Anthony killed the spider but mum won’t believe it. Tell her to admit it and she’ll deny even more. Ask her why she’s so convinced. So Anthony admitted it.

Call Anthony to where you’re standing. Ask him if he killed the spider and he’ll admit it. But mum will believe anything he says. So there must be a way to record it. Walk over to the TV and use the CD on Jane. This way you’ll put the CD down and walk to Jane. Walk back to the CD and stand on the left of it. Call Anthony again who will walk towards you and step on the CD. Talk to him again and let him confess again, this time on the record.


Take the CD and give the CD to Alice. That’s another case solved. Open the freezer and get the ICE CREAM out. Walk all the way to the right and talk to Jim behind the computer. He can’t work with all the noise. Use the ice cream on the wall and the house is now deserted. Another happy chap.

Use the front door to walk outside and take the BIG ROCK and the SMALL ROCK from the front steps. Walk inside again and look at the rocks in your inventory. First the big one, then the small one. Keep the heavy rock and give the lighter to Auntie.

Talk to Alice again and she’ll ask for your credentials. But where to get those? Click on the Quit button to end the game. Ah! There’s your resume. You’ll give it to Alice and leave a happy family behind.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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