The best adventure game ever awaits. But looking at the computer: there’s no power!

Use the door of the closet to the circuit breaker and find the door locked. Looking through the keyhole you find there’s something in the keyhole. Take the GREEN CARD from the top of the fireplace and take the CANDY CANE from the tree. Use the card on the door to silde it under, use the candy cane with the keyhole to poke it in and push the key out. Take the green card back from the floor and find the KEY on it. Also take the CARD from the floor.

Use the key with the keyhole to unlock the door. Use the door to open it and then use the darkness to switch the circuit breaker.

On the fireplace is a GLASS. Take it. Open the window and use the glass on the SNOW to fill it. Use the glass with snow on the fireplace to melt the snow and then use the glass with water on the tree to get it straigten up.


Pickup the fallen STAR from the floor. Take the PINK GIFT near the fireplace and put the pink gift on top of the green present more to the left. Use the star with the tree top to finish the tree.

Take the brown offering under the tree to unpack the GAME and use the game on the computer.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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