Phone Support: 

Get the post-it note from the monitor and give it to Dork. He’ll rip it to pieces. There goes your phonenumber and password. So press 1 on the phone to get into the IVR-menu. There are a few options:
– The number that predates christmas: 2 (BC)
– The friendliest number: 4 (HI)
– The only negative number: 6 (NO)

Elf jumps into the computer to  define all parts. They are all marked with a red button. From left to right:

– Viral Vacancy
– File Failure
– Omnious Date Stamp
– Blazing Barrier
– Boot Up Button
– Blown Blade
– Resource re-supply
– System Security
– Password Protection
– Memory Meltdown


Now that all is addressed, Elf returns to Dork. Let’s call again:
– The loneliest number: 1
– The number that’s already eaten: 8
– A Golfers warning cry: 4

Around the house:

So now we know what to do:  Let Elf first collect some things that we can use in a computer:
– 7 pieces of POST-IT NOTE below the bed
BOOT to the left of the pieces of post-it
GLASS from the toilet cabinet
ASPERINE just above the tap in the toilet
BOOKMARK from the book next to the phone
GARBAGE CAN on the floor next to the phone
COOKIES from the bed near the bag
COFFEE on the desk next to the keyboard
PROPELLOR from the plane next to the dino
TAPE DISPENSER from the desk below the plane
COIN from the loose change next to the tape dispenser
TOY CARS from the Hot Wheels Set below the desk

First give the post-it note to Dork (again). Ask him to remember the password. He gives a few hints, but that’s all.
Use the glass on the tap. Use the glass on Elf. He’ll be happy to drink it. Do that again. Elf drank two glasses of water now. Fill the glass a third time but take it with you.

Now shrink yourself into the computer.

Viral Vacancy:

The first part you have to do yourself. Just hit the basterds. What? Too fast? Try the asperine on them, that will slow them down. Try it again. Now that the  animals are in coma, quarantine them by using the tape dispenser on the door. By the way… did you have a good look at what you were hitting them with?

File Failure:

You have to create this one yourself.  If you have no clue at all, here’s what you can do: from every odd column, ‘slide’ pieces 2 and 4 down. That is, swap 4 and 5,  swap 2 and 3 and swap 3 and 4. Repeat this for columns 3 and 5. For the even columns, swap 5 and 6, swap 3 and 4, swap 4 and 5. Then swap 1 and 2, swap 2 and 3, swap 3 and 4. Repeat this for column 4. You have a top part in the right orientation, a bottom part upside down. Rotate every piece of the bottom half. Be careful to deselect each piece again otherwise they will swap (so click, rotate, click with every piece). Now swap pieces 4 and 6 from each column in the bottom half. Almost done now. From the top half switch columns 2 and 3, then columns 4 and 5, then 3 and 4. Top half is correct now. For the bottom half, switch columns 1 and 5, columns 2 and 3 and finally 3 and 5. All done now!

For the second part: the yellow post-it pad in the top right corner, the green CD-box in the lower right corner, the brown my downloads folder right aligned in the middle.  Rotate the file and align left. Rotate the white notepad and put it at the top, between the files and the my documents. Fill the space (the top left corner of the my documents) with the picture. The tape-reels on the bottom left, next to the files. The i-Pod right of the bottom reel, the blue notepad in the only space left, right of the top reel.

Blazing Barrier:

Use the third cup of water on Elf. His bladder is full now. Take the full bladder from the inventory and put it on the blazing barrier.

Blown Blade:

Use the propellor on the blown blade. Then use the coin as a screwdriver to tighten the screw.

Resource re-supply:

Trash: the garbage can,  Drivers: the toy cars, Cookies: the cookies, Java: the coffee, Bookmarks: the bookmark

Password Protection: 

Dork said you might find one laying around: the one you whacked the virus with: ULTIPAN

Memory Meltdown:

First part: plain memory. Can’t help you with this one… sorry.

Second part: method one, take a screenshot and  keep it next to the questions. method two:
Elf at top right: How many eyes: 4, How many chimneys: 2, Berries on holly: 4, Number of ears: 2, Cards with snow: 2
Dork at top right: How many eyes (or eyewear): 8, Animal fur in cards: 3, Characters that smile: 3, Cards with trees: 2, St. Nick on card: 2

Boot Up Button:

When all parts are fixed, use the boot from the inventory and hit the big red button (the one you’re not supposed to touch).

The End:

Type in any application name you think is the best adventure game ever and hit enter.
Confirm with Y and enter.
Confirm with Y and enter.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

3 Replies to “Christmas Quest 3: Santa’s Little Helpdesk – Walkthrough (Adventure Gamers/2007)

  1. help help – i have followed the instructions for file failure part 2 and am still not getting it help help

  2. Weird how you get to type the name of the game at the end. I don’t see the point. Doesn’t effect the ending at all does it?

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