After the cave collapsed, you need to find a way out.

Take the PICKAXE from the ground but when you do you notice the handle is broken. Use the barricade on the left to take a ROCK from it. Walk to the right and talk to the dwarf. You’ll find out that he lost his pickaxe. And to get out of the mine you need to see the Mountain King. He’ll give you a barrel of GREASE to be able to smell like a dwarf otherwise the king won’t even speak to you. But the barrel is tightly sealed.

Walk further to the right and pick up another STONE from the ground, next to an entrance. Talk to  Rintlof on the right side of the entrance and he’ll tell you more about the dwarfness. You need to look and smell like a dwarf and you must have someone to support you.

Walk north through the opening and find a huge spiderweb. Look at the timber. On the left corner might be a weak spot. Use the head of the pickaxe with the timber to make a crack. Use the wedge with the timber to replace it with the head. Pick up the string of the web on the upper right corner to get the spider further out. Now you need to get out of there.

Return to the web and see that you’ve killed the spider. You’ll take a spider LEG and some of the SILK.  Walk further into the cave until you reach another creature. Throw the stone at the create and it will run off. Walk to the left and take the small STALAGMITE from the ground. You must hurry back to the right.

Walk further to the right to leave the cave and go to the left to take another ROCK from the barricade. Return to the strange creature and use the stone on him again. He’ll run off again. Place the small one from your inventory on the swale on the ground. Put the silk on the large stalagmite still standing and  walk away again. The creature will trip over the wire and is hit by the stalagmite.

Walk into the cave once more and pass the dead creature. Walk further to the left until you reach another creature. Not as mean is it looks. But he can’t help you with the barricade. Give the barrel with grease to the creature and he’ll open it for you. Walk back to the right. At the remains of the creature, use the spider leg on it to make it sharp. You’ll also gain some SPIDER HAIR. In your inventory use the spider leg with the axe head to complete the axe. Use the spider hair with the grease to create a smelly beard.

Walk further to the right to exit the cave and give the axe to Tumtrow on the left. He’ll now support you. Walk to the right and give the smelly beard to Rintlof. Then talk to him and ask him to let you pass. Walk further to the right to enter the dwarven village. Tumtrow will guide you there. He’ll tell you about the houses, who live there and about their character.

After Tumtrow is gone, use the green house on the left to visit Lofmir. He hasn’t got any time. Talk to him and ask him if he really hasn’t got a riddle. He’ll give you a strange artifact. Leave his house and enter Northur’s house. He’s asleep on the table. Take the jar with HONEY and the big MUG from the floor. Use the mug with the drum to realize you need a tap. Leave the house and enter Gundor’s house.Talk to him and tell him you want to leave. He’ll be mad at you and Tumtrow for entering the village. Ask him why Tumtrow is in trouble.  Leave the house again.

Walk to the right and enter Tumtrow’s house on the far right.  Give the artifact to Tumtrow and he’ll make you a deal. He’ll tell you about the tap and the money he owes to Nortur. Talk to him and ask him about his craft. Tell him about Northur and ask about the mountain king. Tell him that Gundor wants to see him and he’ll leave. While he’s gone, move the curtain on the left and take one of the TWIGS and a WOODEN DOLL. Leave the house and pick up the STONE opposite Tumtrow’s house.

Walk to the left where you find a clay pool in front of Lofmir’s house. In your inventory use the twig with the tap. Use the tap with the clay to fill the holes. Now you need to heat it. Then enter Lofmir’s house. Talk to him and tell him about your druids. Lofmir will cover his ears and close his eyes. Use this moment to put the tap filled with clay in the fire under the cauldron. While he’s still not looking, take one of the SHINY ROCKS from the shelf on the left and then leave the house.

Enter Nortur’s house and use the repaired tap with the barrel on the right. You’ll discover that the barrels are empty. Take the TAP back out of the barrel and leave the house. Walk to the right and enter Tumtrow’s house. Talk to him and tell him that there’s no mead. He’ll advise you to go to Lofmir. Leave the house and walk to the left and enter Lofmir’s house. Tell him you need to wake up Nortur. He wants proof. Give him the empty cup and he’ll understand. You need to get Dwarven Coffee to wake him up.

Talk to Lofmir and ask about the coffee. You’ll learn about the ingredients. You’ll need the tears of a fairy. Leave the room and walk into the cave to the right of Lofmir’s house. It’s the mushroom farm. There is a fairy flying around. Now you need to catch it.

In your inventory use the stone with the shiny rock to crush it. Then use the doll with the honey to make it sticky and use the shiny powder with the sticky doll to make it glitter. Put the shiny, sticky doll in the upside down mushroom and the fairy will be attracted by it. Now you can pickup the FAIRY and leave the cave.

Enter Lofmir’s house and give him the fairy. He’ll give you the COFFEE. Leave the house and go next door to Nortur. Give him the coffee and he’ll wake up. After his explanation, talk to him and ask him all you can about everyone to see who is suspicious here. They all have something strange but for some you have an explanation. Leave the room and enter Lofmir’s house on the far left. Ask him about the strange behavior of the others.

Leave the house again and walk over to the far right to visit Tumtrow once more. Ask him about the contact he has with the cobolds. He’ll then explain about the wood he needs. Leave the house and Rintlof will call you. You now need to explain to him who did what and why. When he asks about Tumtrow, tell him you can explain why he has contact with the cobolds. Tell him the craft is making dolls. Then he’ll ask about Gundor. Tell him he’s hiding his face. And then the meeting with Lofmir. Tell him Gundor wanted to trick Lofmir. Tell him Gundor wanted a drug and you’ll investigate further. The truth quickly discovered.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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