Click on the Ingress-text to enter the cavern (only the white of the text is clickable).

You dropped down, now you need to get out. On your left is a large, erect boulder. To the left of that boulder is a small ROCK on the ground. Pick it up. Just above the puddle in a straight line below the moon is another ROCK. Take that one as well. Use one of the rocks to throw at the rightmost and longest stalagtite (yes, the hanging one…). The stalagtite moved a bit, but not enough. Use your second rock on the stalagtite as well and it falls down.

Pick up the STALAGTITE. A bit to the right, at the same height and near the large rock is another small ROCK. Take it and use it in your inventory together to create a makeshift lever. Use the lever on the big rock on the right. You’ve now revealed a hole you can jump in to.

Once you’re in the cave below, walk to the left and climb the rocks. Walk further to the left immediately because the rock at the ceiling will fall and block the exit. When you’re not quick enough you’ll be crushed.

The only option you have left is the hole on the left. Use it to let a glowing ball roll in and you’ll be back to where you started. But there’s a difference, the exit is already open. And the puddle is now dry. Use the stalagtite you still have on the puddle to drop it to the cave below. It knocks over the boulder that was blocking the exit.

Walk to the right and jump through the hole again. Walk to the left, climb the rocks and look at the glowing ball. Use the ball to be zapped outside again. You’re free.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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