[note1: there are errors in the source of this game: the first one is cosmetic, the second makes the game crash when trying to get the mace, the third prevents you from rescuing both the damsel and the frog. You don’t need this to finish the game though. 

In castle.wrld


- line 470 (room#34)    open    door  
 should be changed in    open\    door 

To get the mace: 

- line 591 (room #44.0)  drop   t?%INP_OBJ%   s=44.1   o+mace  o+%INP_OBJ%  m=\
should be changed in  drop   t?%INP_W2%   s=44.1   o+mace  o+%INP_W2%  m=\

In castle.misc

To get both damsel and frog:

- line 95   *       t?damsel   o?frog   ,,,   t+frog   o+damsel  m="Flirt..."
should be changed in     *       t?damsel   o?frog   ,,,   m="Flirt..."


You can download the corrected world files here and a map of the game here.] 

[note2: just like in real life survival persistence is key. If you’re lost in the woods near the well, keep going east. If you’re lost in the woods after crossing the bridge, keep going north. If you’re lost in the dungeons, alternate west and south and you should reach the stairs again. In any case: don’t panic!]

You start your journey on crossroads.

Checking your INVENTORY you have a channal selector know and a guide. READ GUIDE and when done, DROP GUIDE. You don’t need the knob either so DROP KNOB.

Walk NORTH onto a sandy beach and WEST along the river bank. There’s a boat here. TAKE BOAT and return EAST to the beach. Now that you have your boat, you can proceed NORTH onto Swan Lake. Then NORTH again to the north beach where there’s a cottage. There’s also a rope. TAKE ROPE and return onto the lake SOUTH. Go SOUTH once more to reach the beach and leave the boat behind.

Walk SOUTH  back to the crossroads and go SOUTH again to the edge of the woods. TAKE APPLE and keep it with you until you get hungry. Now go EAST to find a well. When you LOOK WELL you’ll see that it needs a new rope. How convenient that we happen to have one. TIE ROPE to the well and go DOWN the well to the bottom.

At the bottom you’ll find some keys. TAKE KEYS and go UP again. Go NORTH along the wall. Then NORTH again to a locked gate. Since you have the key, UNLOCK GATE. Go EAST through the gate to the other side of the wall and NORTH to some outhouses. There’s a huge balloon. TAKE BALLOON and go SOUTH back to the gates. Go SOUTH again to the wall where you can find a ladder. TAKE LADDER and CLIMB LADDER. This is just a safety precaution in case you lose the keys to the gate (which sometimes happens).

Go WEST to the crossroads, WEST again to a very fragile bridge and because you’re carrying the helium filled balloon, you just light enough to cross the bridge WEST. Now SOUTH into the woods where you can find a shovel. TAKE SHOVEL and go NORTH again.

You might find yourself lost at this point. Don’t worry, keep going north until you reach the west end of the bridge. Go EAST to cross the bridge. You don’t need the balloon anymore and to free up inventory space, DROP BALLOON. Well, I said drop but… EAST again to the crossroads and EAST once more to the wall. Then SOUTH back to the well. Go DOWN the well and DIG a hole in the floor.

You can now go NORTHEAST onto some loose steps. Go NORTHEAST again into the King’s secret escape tunnel. Now EAST into a secret stairway recognizable by the black button. Go UP the stairs and you’ll find a blue button.  Go UP once more for a green button. Now PRESS BUTTON to have the tapestry reveal an entrance going into the King’s bed chamber.

It’s just to make sure you don’t starve to death, go NORTH onto the balcony and NORTHWEST into the guards passage. Go EAST into the store room where you can find a sack of potatoes. TAKE POTATOES and whenever needed you can EAT POTATOES.

Leave the room WEST back onto the guards passage and UP the west tower stairs. Go UP once again to the top of the tower where you can find a 30 feet wig. TAKE WIG, you never know. Climb DOWN the stairs once and EAST over the north rampart. EAST again into the east tower stairs and UP into Rapunzel’s room. There’s a distressed damsel here. You can’t take here (a bit rude) but you can CARRY DAMSEL. But as soon as you lift her, the obvious exits will be blocked.

CLIMB WIG to go out the window but only just because apparently wigs from Hong Kong aren’t the most sturdy ones. Go DOWN into the staircase and SOUTHWEST onto the balcony. Now DOWN again into the grand ballroom. Go EAST into the banquet hall and NORTHEAST into the washing up room. You have to go around because of the direction of the swinging doors. Go WEST into the kitchen where you can find useful items. TAKE MATCH and TAKE KNIFE. Go SOUTH back to the banquet hall.

There’s a panel here and if you CUT PANEL you can go SOUTH into the guards quarters. Go WEST into the sallyport and WEST again into the armory.

Note: Here you might take the mace by dropping something (anything will do), break the chain of the drawbridge to lower it and escape through that way. This way you’ll only rescue the damsel (not the frog) and will only work if you’re playing with the altered castle.wrld. For completing the game this is not necessary. If you play with the original files, keep following this guide. 

Climb DOWN into the dungeons.  If you get lost here, keep alternating north and west (or south and west) and you should be fine. For now EAST and WEST will bring you to the secret stairs (with the black button.). If you’ve pushed the black button, you need to exit through the drawbridge, if you’re not playing with the altered sourcefiles, you’re stuck.

Go WEST into the tunnel and SOUTHWEST onto the loose steps. Then SOUTHWEST again to the bottom of the well. If you just want to save the damsel, climb up, go north and west to the crossroads and drop the damsel. You’re done. If you want to rescue the frog or both, read on.

Go NORTH into the tunnel and NORTH again to the junction. From here you can climb UP the metal ladder. There’s something written but not quite clear. LIGHT MATCH to read the full text. So, there are your instructions: OPEN DOOR and DUCK. This will lead you to a small chamber where you can launch the missile.

Again, follow the instructions: CHOOSE TARGET and when asked which one, answer PORTCULLIS. You’ll be now pointed to a button. PRESS BUTTON to fire the missile. You’ll now see a metal ladder going UP. You’ll be at the crossroads again. If you decide now not to rescue the frog and only the damsel you can drop her here and end the game. Otherwise, go EAST and NORTH to the gate.

Go EAST to the other side and EAST again to the western moat. From here go SOUTH to the southern moat and SOUTH again to the remains of the portcullis, nicely destroyed by you. Go SOUTH again onto the drive and SOUTH once more to find the frog.

If you’re playing with the original files, you can only rescue the frog or the damsel. Since you’re still here I assume you will be rescuing the frog so when you TAKE FROG, you’ll be dropping the damsel. If you’re playing with the altered files, you’ll be now carrying both.

Go NORTH back to the drive and WEST to the top of the well. Go NORTH again, followed by WEST again to reach the crossroads, the end of your journey. If you carry both frog and damsel, DROP FROG first and then DROP DAMSEL. If you drop the damsel first, you can’t drop the frog anymore.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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