After the party you need to clean up the mess.

Walk to the south to enter the kitchen. Use the liquor cabinet on the left to take the bottle of WODKA out. Use the fridge on the right to open it. From the left side of the fridge take the carton of ORANGE JUICE and take the PLUNGER. On the right side of the fridge open the top left compartment and take the EGGS out. Open the compartment under it to take the BACON out. Leave the fridge.

Walk to the south to leave the kitchen and use the door on the upper right to leave the living room. In the hall walk to the right to go outside. You’ll see a cat run away. Follow the cat and you’ll see her sitting at a bush. Use the cat to scare her away and use the bush to see what she was after: a FRYING PAN. Walk north back into the hall and go left into the living room. Go south to return to the kitchen.

In your inventory use the bacon and eggs with the frying pan and then use the frying pan with the cooker in the kitchen to make a breakfast. Walk south to leave the kitchen again. In the living room, use the couch to find a CUP in it. In your inventory use the orange juice with the cup to fill it. Walk to the right to go to the hall. Walk further to the right and talk to the man on the veranda. He’ll give you a FACE MASK.

Walk to the north back into the hall and go left back to the living room. Walk through the doorway left of the couch to find the mess in the bathroom. Use the face mask on yourself to cover your mouth and use the plunger on the toilet to clean it. Use the bathtub on the right to fill it with water and clean it and use the sink on the left to wash your hands. All is clean now.

Walk north to leave the bathroom and walk through the doorway on the upper right to enter the hall. Use the stairs to go to the bedroom and serve the breakfast.

When you leave the room after the breakfast, the door gets jammed. Walk down the stairs and use the grating of the vent to open it. Inside you’ll find an old toolbox. Open the toolbox and take the SPANNER out. Walk to the right to leave the house. Left of the veranda you’ll find a LADDER. Take it and walk into the house again. From the hall walk to the left to enter the living room and go to the south to get into the kitchen. Use the ladder against the wall under the vent grating.

Climb the ladder and use the spanner on the grating to open it. Use the opening you’ve created to climb into the ventilation shaft. ‘Walk’ to the left to follow the shaft. You’ll find a black hole that you can’t cross. When you crawl into the black hole, you’ll end up in the basement.

[NOTE: I found it difficult to get into the basement. Most of the time, I could crawl further to the left. If so, just skip the basement part.]

Walk to the right in the basement and take a BOARD from the pile at the bottom. Walk back to the left and use the stairs to leave the basement again. Back in the living room go south again and in the kitchen use the ventilation shaft again to climb in. Walk back to the left again and when you’ve reached the hole, use the board on it to cover it. Now walk further to the left until the intersection.

Follow the shaft leading up and on the right is the grating to the bedroom. Use it to enter the bedroom and rescue the damsel in distress.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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