It’s friday the 13th and you want to make human soup.

Take the COOKBOOK. Read it to see the ingredients for human soup. Take the AXE from the counter and leave the kitchen on the south to get the groceries.

Walk to the right until you’re reach the disco. Enter it and talk to the punk. Establish that he really is punk and then use the axe on him. Bloody mess but can take his EAR from the floor. Leave the disco on the south and walk to the right.

Look inside the dump box and find a TICKET for the cinema. Never know when that can be usefull. Against the wall is a homeless guy sleeping. Use your axe here to create the same bloody mess and pick up the HOMELESS HEAD.

Walk to the left and go to the cinema. Enter the building and talk to the lady behind the counter. A ticket is 5 bucks but you already have a ticket. Give the ticket to the lady and you can enter. Inside is an audience not very interested.

Use your axe on the guy on the right. Once killed you’re outside again and looking in your inventory it appeared to be your cousin Joe so you took his SPINE. Leave the cinema on the south and walk to the right. When you’re at the dump box go south and walk to the large yellow/purple building. Use the door in the middle to enter.

Against the wall is a policeman standing very still. You can talk to him but it doesn’t make much sense. Use your axe on him too and scrape his EYE from the elevator door. Use the button on the elevator and you’re take to the most wanted list. You’re arrested and trialed and when the judge asks you how you plea just play insane (not difficult) by saying Ba-Be-Di-Ba-Da. You’re sent to a mental hospital.

There’s your madman. You can talk to him but is doesn’t make sense. Use your axe on the man and take his BRAIN. Use the door to Dr. Pate and start singing O-bla-di, O-bla-da. He thinks you’re cured and you can go home.

Enter your house and in the kitchen put the ingredients in the bowl: the ear, the homeless head, joe spine, policeman’s eye and the brain. Use the pot to stir. Dinner’s ready!!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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