Something’s different but you don’t know what. Have a lookaround your office. Not much changed other than that the lock has been tampered. Look at your desk. There are notes on it and the drawer is locked. But where’s the key?

Take the notes from your desk. The key was under them! Take the KEY and open the drawers. Then you find it… or not: the manifests are gone. Let’s find them. Leave your office and walk to the right.

Talk to Margareth. You’ll learn about neighbour Fish and how he walked around the docks and spoke to John. Best you speak to John as well. Walk to the right and meet John and Big Pirate. Talk to John. He’ll tell you about the old days and about business. At first he doesn’t want to but when you keep asking he’ll mention the manifests. Big Pirate will help a bit by mentioning Fish’s name.

Walk back to the left and Margareth will talk to you about John. She thinks he’s no good. Enter the office of Fish and talk to him. Ask him about the manifests. He won’t tell you anything you didn’t know already and when you mention that John mentioned his name, he laughs and sends you away.


Talk to Margareth again. Tell her what Edward did and ask her to distract Edward. She’ll come up with a little plan to get Edward out of his office so you can search the building. But she needs brandy for that. Walk to the left and go into your own office. On the desk, behind the door is a bottle of BRANDY. Pick it up and take it back to Margareth. As soon as she receives the bottle, she’ll ask you to call Edward.

Enter Edwards office again and tell him Margareth has a new shipment of brandy for him to taste. He’ll go to Margareth together with you and after a few glasses he kindly asks you to leave. Go to the office of Fish.  Look in the drawer of his desk and find your MANIFESTS. Leave the office again.

Edward heard your cry and fled into the docks. Walk to the right and you can see how Edward leaves with his ship. From there he’ll tell you why he robbed you. But you’re not obessed…. are you?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Wow! I just googled my own name (bad habit, but well…) apparently someone’s still interested enough in this little game to write a solve for it. Thanks!!

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