You have no clue where you are.

Next to you is an empty CAN. Pick it up. Talk to the blob next to you. Ask it how to get out of the room and the blob will tell you it has the key if you can answer the riddle. The question is “Who has won the most tic-tac-toe games.?” Ask the blob if he’s blocking some of the games and since he is, it’ll give you the KEY. Pick it up and use it to unlock the door.

Walk through it to enter a corridor. On the floor is a scrap of PAPER (1). Pick it up and walk to the right to leave the dungeon and follow the path south. In the moat there’s a creature on the left and when you talk to it, it appears to be a weirdo. It can tell you that if you bring it items, of three it can tell you what to do with it.

Walk north through the portal and it’ll bring you to a forest where a green man is about to chop a huge tree. Talk to the tree and ask him if he can’t just leave. In defense it will drop an ACORN but misses. Pick it up and talk to the green man. Ask about the coin flipping and whether you can have the coin. You can’t.

Walk to the left and find a large fish shop. Talk to the fish and ask him what he’s doing on land. He’ll tell you about the repetitive movements and the ache it’ll give. That gives you an idea. Walk back to the right and talk to the green man again. Ask him if flipping isn’t tiring. It is. Ask him about the repetitive movement and he’ll reconsider. Tell him about the joints moving and how agonizing it must be. He’ll then drop the coin. Pick up the COIN and walk back to the fish shop on the left.

Talk to the fish and ask to buy something. You can only afford a silly cheap thing so that’s the one to buy. It’s a small BOAT. Put the boat in the small stream and watch it float downstream. Walk south to follow it and find a huge creature looking at the fountain. It’s a kind of wishing well according to the sign. Because of the boat, you’ve hit the jackpot and got a nice amount of COINS.

Walk to the right to return to the fish shop and buy a more expensive thing. It’s a BOWL. You still have money so you can also buy the costly thing which appears to be a DRILL. Leave the shop by walking to the right and north through the portal in the woods to return to the small islands. Walk south across the bridges until you reach the tombstone. Behind the stone are three barrels and by the looks of it, they’re leaking a nasty substance. use the drill on the barrels to have them make an ugly patch on the grass.

Put your bowl on the nasty spot to catch some of the GOO. Follow the path south, across the bridges and through the portal again. In the woods walk left to the fish shop, then south to the fountain. Behind the fountain are some boxes of which one is still closed. The other one seems to be melted by some green goo. Use your bowl with goo on the closed box and find a BOLT CUTTER inside. Take it and walk to the right to return to the fish shop.

Walk to the right twice and you’ll find a lot of debris from a crash. Take the BELTS, the smoking BOX, and the BENDY THINGY and in your inventory it will all be assembled into a small robot. Walk left twice, then south to the fountain where the little robot will join you and have a conversation with the metal giant. The giant will open a small hatch and you can take the STAMP out. It has a rather familiar sign on it. Walk to the right twice and north through the portal in the woods. Walk across the bridges south to the tombstone. It has the same symbol on it. use the stamp on the tombstone and it’ll move some of the parts.

Walk down the tunnel into the dungeon and see that the base of the statue has revealed a colored stone. Get the SHINY STONE out and leave the dungeon on the right. Put the shiny stone in the center of the tombstone and you’ll hear something from the dungeon again. Walk down once more now to see that the statue has moved. You can now reach the ball it’s holding. Use the bolt cutters on the BALL and you can take it with you. Leave the dungeon on the right. Outside, put your bowl on the ugly patch in the grass to get some more GOO. Then follow the path south, cross the bridges and go through the portal.

In the woods walk to the right and examine the second statue. It’s similar to the one you took the ball from. Put the ball in the hands of the statue and it’ll reveal an entrance. Walk through and you’ll find yourself in a passageway. Use the lever. It will come off and you’ll hold the STICK in your hand. Walk to the box below and notice it’s a similar one as you’ve seen before. Use the bowl with goo on this box to reveal a CANDLE. Take it. Use the candle to put it in the chandelier. Since you’ve got the bolt cutters you can reach that far and are able to light it as well. The extra light reveals a rope. Use the cutters on the rope to bring the box down and drop a matchbox on the floor.

Take the MATCHBOX and walk further down. There’s another lever and when you use it, you’ll break it as well, giving you another STICK. Use the matches on the candles standing on the floor and see how their shadow reaches some holes. Walk slightly further to where the gap is and give the acorn to the squirrel on the other side. The squirrel will run off leaving a rope in the hole you’re standing next to. Drop the rope in the hole to create a bridge. Walk further down to the wooden panel with holes in it.

The shadows of the candles were also referring to some holes. There are four shadows and, together with the sticks in the wall you have four sticks. Take the STICK from hole 3 and put it in hole 2. Put one of the sticks from your inventory in hole 7 and put the other stick from your inventory in hole 12. That’s it! the wall will drop and you can follow the path to the outside.

You’re in a control room of some sort. On the keyboard is another piece of PAPER (2). Take it with you. Next to the keyboard is a cover with a button next to it. Push the button to open the cover and take the STRAW from the compartment.  Continue to walk to the right. Standing in front of the huge rock, there’s another piece of paper on the ground. Take third piece of PAPER (3) as well.

Walk north towards the house in the back to find a witch there. Not the friendliest type but what do you expect. You’re welcome to take the vegetables with you so pick up the vegetables to get the CARROT, POTATO and CABBAGE.

Leave the old woman and walk to the left. Walk to the right where you’ll find a space ship and an intersection of roads. On the corner is a vending machine with a large hammer on top. Use the bolt cutters to take the HAMMER from it. Next walk to the brick road on the right. It will lead to a castle-like structure.

At street level take either of the doorways. At the next level take the doorway in the middle. You should be on the fourth level now.  From the three doorways you’re standing next to, take the right on which will bring you to the furnace. With the matches from your inventory light the furnace.

Use the doorway to get to the level below and pull the lever on your left. This will cause one of the turrets to explode and a COG will drop down. Pick it up and use the middle door of the three which will lead to a small window next to the other cogs. Put the cog in place and the door that was preventing you from going to the right will now open.

Use the small window to return to the level above and walk to the right. Operate the crane on the right which will remove a doorstop. Use the doorway next to the crane to get to the level above and use the bolt cutters on the chain to lower the large door. Use the doorway on the right to get to the door level and walk into the building. There’s nothing there but a piece of PAPER (4).

Walk south to exit the castle and return to the intersection. Walk north into the space ship. Well… actually clouds. Left of you is a small piece of CLOUD that you can take. There’s one alien asleep and one hiding behind a cloud. Talk to the shy one and learn that he doesn’t have any pants. Use the console left of the sleeping alien to reveal a door in the ceiling… and at the second attempt one in front of you. Walk through to find more sleeping alien.

The one on the right is holding a small KEY so take it. Next to the one on the left is another small CLOUD. Take it to add it to the one you already have. In the center of the room there’s another panel and although it doesn’t seem to do much, in the middle there’s a hidden button (seventh fluff from the left). Push it to reveal another door….. trapdoor that is.

Take the CORK from the sleeping alien’s ear. He doesn’t need it anymore. Use the door on the left to visit a grumpy alien.  You can hear why he’s grumpy. On the right is a machine and it looks like there’s something missing from the bottom lever. Put the cabbage on there and it starts working. The cloud in your inventory starts growing a bit. Walk through the portal next to the alien to reach the ‘upper deck’.

On the edge on the left is another CORK. Take it. The machine next to it looks like a ‘high striker’ you find on fairs. Use the hammer you’re carrying on the red ball of the machine to win a GOLD COIN. Walk to the lower portal of the two to visit the old fisherman. Take the white PANTS from the laundry line and talk to the old man. Doesn’t make much sense at the moment. Use the portal under the clothes line to return to the other side of the deck and the upper portal to return to the grumpy alien.

Give both corks to him to plug his ears and now you can take another piece of CLOUD. Use the door on the right to return to the huge corks, then the door on the right to get back to the shy one. Give the pants to him and he’ll tell you it’s not the right color. All the others have an orange one.

Walk south to leave the aliens and look at the vending machine again. There’s a tiny keyhole in the lower right corner. Use the key you took from the alien on the lock to open the machine and you can get another piece of PAPER (5). Walk to the left twice to visit the control room.

Put your bowl at the bottom of the machine to the right of the chart. What color did the pants need to be? Press the red button, followed by the yellow button to make an orange dye. If an error occurs, dispose the mixture through the circular disposal opening.  Take the BOWL OF ORANGE and in your inventory put the white trousers in the bowl.

Walk to the right twice then north towards the spaceship. Give the trousers to the shy alien and in return you get a piece of CLOUD. It’s sturdy now.  Walk south twice to find a curious spaceship. Walk inside and you’ll find three little men. Talk to the one next to you and you’ll be told to figure out what they want. Comment about his ‘rich’ clothes and he’ll tell you it’s not enough. So he wants money. Give the golden coin to him and he’ll jump through the roof.

Walk down to the second man. He’s just mumbling. Talk to the guy below and he’ll take care of the second one. But you’re left with a gap in the walkway. Walk back to the entrance and to the left to go outside. There you’ll see the roof with the SAW in it. Take it and enter the building again. Use the saw on the flimsy wall to take a BOARD from it and put the board over the gap. Walk over to the third guy.

Ask him what he wants and he’ll solve his own problem. Walk further to the right through the doorway that’s now open. You need to get to the other side so use your cloud on a lot of air to surf to the other side. Meet the red head. Talk to her and learn not much. Look at the shavings she’s dropping and she’ll tell you why she’s carving the wood. You need to get that robot.

In front of the cart is another scrap of PAPER (6). Take it with you. In your inventory put the duct tape on the paper to make it into a map. Show the map to the red head and she’ll advise you to take it to an older person. Walk to the left to return to the strange room and walk through it to the other side. Keep walking left until the intersection then north to the spaceship.

Use the door on the left to go to the roof at once, then the lower portal to see the fisherman. Show the map to him and he’ll send you to see the witch. Use the portal to go to the other side of the roof, then walk to the right to return inside. Walk south to leave the space ship and at the intersection go left. You’ll meet a ghost-like figure who seems to have torn the map you’ve found. Walk left and north to the house of the witch. Give her the map and she’ll tell you another exit will open.

Walk to the left to leave her and to the right to the intersection. Walk south to the strange room and walk through it to the other side. Use the cloud again to surf across and you’ll see how the robots are clearing the path. However, the rocket is malfunctioning so you need to help out here. Look at the electricity rod and you’ll find an off-switch. You’ll automatically take the ROD. Put the rod on the  robot and it will power up. Use your hammer on the cylinder at the back of the robot to bend it the correct way. Take the duct tape from your inventory and use it to stop the leak. The robot is now ready to take the rocks.

Walk to the right and you’re back in the city again. Follow the hooded guy to a fenced in grass patch. Use the gate to find it locked but you’ll get some help to open it. Walk towards the hooded guy behind the stone. He’s not talking so walk into the tomb. You’ll see a familiar statue and several hooded figures will scare you outside. Use the hammer on the guy next to the tombstone to get his cloak and enter the tomb again, this time disguised.

You can now fearlessly walk to the right and take the BOOK that’s on the stand. The others won’t like you for it but you get some help during your escape. In your inventory look at the book. You can’t read it so you need to show it to someone. Near the next portal you can see some strange things going on. The portal doesn’t work.  The panel next to it  is missing something at the bottom and by the looks of the other items, you need to insert a carrot into the panel. Then walk through the portal.

You can see all the locations you’ve been so far and need to move on. The ‘hat rack’ on the left seems to be missing an item as well so put your potato on the empty pole. It opens another portal… well entrance to the house of the witch. To gain her trust you must show her that you can find the exit.

Take the WOOD from the bucket on the right and take the other piece of WOOD as well. At the bottom you will now find a BOX with keyholes in it. Talk to the witch and ask how to leave. She’ll be a sport and give you a KEY (1).  Look at it in your inventory to realize you need five keys. Look under the door mat to find a KEY (2). Take the coverup from the pole to see there’s a key underneath as well but you can’t take this one.

On the wire next to the door is a yellow creature. Stand in front of the cauldron and talk to the creature. It’ll move towards the door. Repeat this action twice more and it’ll hit the scissors so they fall down. Pick up the SCISSORS and use it on the rope next to the gingerbread man. Walk towards the door and talk to the yellow creature again. This time it’ll move the other way. Repeat this as well until the creature hits the vase on top of the wardrobe. The vase will fall and reveal another KEY (3) you can take.

Talk to the black hole you came through to find a creature that has something with pumpkins. See if we can fool it. Take the CYMBAL from the chimney breast and take the FROSTING from the small table. Use the scissors on the tapestry to cut out the PUMPKIN. In your inventory put the frosting on the cymbal and attach the cloth with pumpkin to it. Put the pumpkin-god on the cauldron and the creature in the chimney will look at it. It’s not fooled because the witch won’t lie. Show her the book. She’ll lie only once.

Put the cymbal/pumpkin on the cauldron again and this time the witch will say otherwise, fooling the creature in the chimney, resulting in another KEY (4). Put the box on the long key standing in the room. Then insert all four keys into the box. After inserting all, use one of the keys and a ball comes out. The witch tells you you can leave now. Pick up the BALL and use the door on the right to leave the house.

Everything will be explained if you follow the hooded man. He’ll also warn you that following him through the door will end the game. You don’t want that so….

Walk back to the art shop. In your inventory use the drill on the can to get a hole in it. Use the duct tape on the can to stick some on and insert the straw into it. Attach the ball to the can and it’s almost art. Use the door of the shop amd talk to Arty F. Ask if he’s buying. Give him the taped straw and ball and he’ll give you a laughable amount of MONEY. Walk to the right and use the water. You’ll end up at the fish shop.

Talk to the fish and ask for the laughable expensive thing. It’s a TROPHY. Walk to the right and find the green man without his tree. He’s a sad man. Walk to the left, then south. Not much has changed here but you can at least thank the metal giant. Walk north again and use the waterfall to return to the lake. Walk to the right to end the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Thanks, took up hints from it. You guys do a good job for adventure games and i am a big fan of them. It was a nice game. 🙂

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